Looking for expert advice for land/sea trip in Sept


After being here a short time, I know you guys will help me make the right choices for my trip in Sept. Here are the details:

The flight is booked Sept. 5 Sat. land around 11:00 pm sat nite…Depart Mon 14 depart late

Cruise is booked Sept 10 - 13 gets back into port Sun early. Off the boat by 7:45 am on Sun.

We are using VPO points from DVC so we can only stay at SSR which is just fine by me. I can’t wait. we can’t book until Feb 5.

Our plan is to stay at SSR from Sat nite to Wed nite, go on the cruise, then go to Kennedy Space Center on Sun during the day, then go to Vero Beach Sun nite before heading home.

Here’s the my questions…Disney wants $80 per person to shuttle us to the boat and then back to the airport after the cruise. I can rent a car for whole trip for almost the same money. So I thought we would do that so we can drive to KSC and then onto VB.

However, at 11 at nite do I want to deal with a rental car when the Magical Express will do it for free. Can I get a car delivered to the resort?

Also in the mix: Having just bought some points from GCV I have 100 VPO points that have to be used by Oct. 3. I may need to use 10 or so because I just used some for my stay at the GC but I just can’t see using them before they expire. So, I was thinking of selling them. I see people do it here all the time, so I guess it works. I don’t think they are worth as much as regular points because they can only be used at SSR and at any property in DL. It’s not really enough for a good vacation, but I guess if you needed a few more for a room upgrade it would be worth it. Let me know what you all think. I’m booking next week. I plan on booking a one bedroom villa…I could use the points to get a two bedroom, I guess. It’s just the four of us, though. I don’t think we need it.