Looking for Info on Beach Club


Hello all, it’s been a while since I’ve been here, but there is an upcoming trip in the works with a possible visit to the BC. Any input is great, we’ve visited but never stayed as a guest. I’m excited about the pool, but I am questioning the availablility of counter services? From what I can find on AllEars it looks like there is only a very small “Market” area for counter service offerings?
Thanks in advance for any tips/advice/info!!


Besides the market inside the resort, there is also the counter service located near the pool. Don’t forget you have the bakery/deli and pizza place on the Boardwalk all within walking distance.


Don’t forget that you are five minutes away from Epcot. Plenty of places in the WS. Not sure of your needs as far as a counter service, but we also think HH is very good.BTW, that is our favorite resort!


You also have hurriance hannah’s too, along with the broadwalk & epcot quick services too. This my favourite resort i’ve stayed it:smile:


Just got back from BC in October. My pros are: Awesome pool, beautiful resort grounds, beach area with great view of BW and Dolphin/Swan, activites for the family(daily), campfire and movie at night(every night),nice game room. Cons: horrible CS for such a nice resort, too many sitting rooms(pretty rooms, which I think could have been more utilized for a billards room or some other kind of fun). With that said, I will be returning to there next May. The rooms are nice and the 5 minute walk to WS is a big plus!! I agree that you can go to WS for a CS and be fine. They also have Beaches which I hear is great. I have only eaten ice cream there but next year I will be eating there. There ice cream is wonderful. I would recommend it. if all you are worried about is their CS, you have other options.


Thanks everyone for all your input. I hadn’t thought of going to EC to eat in the WS, that is a great idea. And I also wasn’t thinking of BW being so close as well. Thanks again, we booked last night, I’m so excited!!


When are you going???:mickey::mickey:


The first two weeks of April, a week at POR and a week at BC. Wow, it still doesn’t feel real!!
I better update my countdown!! :mickey:


I will be there May 15th for 1 week. We will just miss each other.:crying: