Looking for paris trader


i am looking for a paris trader who wants the valentine pins from disneyland in exchange for the jessica rabbit valentine pin from paris. i am really crazy about this pin but can’t seem to find a paris trader.

i also can get disneyland pins for trades for jessica pins, if you don’t live near disneyland and are interested in limited editions, or regular pins. email me.




hi you need the jessica rabbit pin from paris? i might be able to get you it off of ebay! If your’re still interested let me know!


Just give me the description off of pinpics so I know!


it is not on pin pics yet. it comes out today. it is in the shape of a heart it opens and closes. on the front it has cupid and on the inside jessica and roger. it is pink and says st. valentin


ok i’ve seen that one i’ll look on ebay for you. i’ll message you if i find it!


alright thanks