Looking for Points to Top up my own!


Hi peoples!

So my family has done the crazy spontaneous thing and in order to accommodate everyone I’m going to need to op up my own points. Yikes!

I am looking for anything between 149 all the way up to 268, (last choice).

Can anyone help?

We are looking for February 29th as our arrival date.

Thanks everyone!


I’ve got points. Sent you a PM.


I have 181 points to rent.


How exactly do you rent point?


A DVC member makes a reservation in your name and you pay the member for that reservation. If you find someone you can trust it’s a great way for both sides to benefit because the DVC member gets some money for points he/she can’t use and a non-member gets a nice room at a lower price than they could get through Disney.


Hi Shirley, I would like to Rent some DVC points for February. I am not sure how many I will need. Can you help me?