Looking for Seafood?


Someone posted a question about seafood recently. Can’t remember who or for when but I found this at Shades of Green.
New England Clambake
Feb 15th from 5:00-9:30
Bucket o Seafood for $25.95
Includes clam chowder, lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels, corn on cob, and red potatoes. Speciality drinks available.


Sounds delicous. But you have to be military right?


Hey Mickeybug,
I just looked over the menu’s for Mangino’s and Evergreen’s and I don’t see this listed. Did I miss something?

As to eating at SOG, I have never been asked for an ID when eating at any of the facilities. Good question though. I have run into golfers eating at SOG after a round of golf who were not military.

If this is offered just tell the gate that you are eating at whatever restaurant you are going to and they should give you a temp pass for a fewhours. They will ask for a drivers license to write your name down for the pass.


They had one of these last month and I guess it was successful enough for another. It’s a special deal, kind of like Oktoberfest but not that big (yet). If this proves productive I could see them continuing since there is a need for some good, affordable seafood there.
And Rich you are right about the access thing. Just because its not promoted WDW wide I don’t see them turning anyone down on meals. The store, definitely! but not the restaurants.


There is a need for upgraded food period at SOG. I know they have a new head chef and I have not been back since he started. I really do hope the food has improved. It was the only negative to SOG for us.
Some complain about the busses. I think they just don’t like planning in 30 minute intervals for a bus to arrive. God forbid it not be there when they want. If they fix the food I’ll spend more time there relaxing.