Looking for specific pins


My DD is looking to complete her bottle cap pin collection. When we went to WDW in October, they were no longer being sold. I have unsuccesfully tried to get them on ebay…I always get outbid. I did however win one today after three tries and spent way to much money on it. Here are the pins she is looking for:

Sleeping beauty

snow white
brer rabbit

I am more than willing to pay a fair price or even make a trade for some LE she has. I would love to get these in time for christmas, but that’s not a big deal either. Please let me know if you have any or keep your eye out when you are in the parks for me please. Thanks


My DH will have a look out when we go in 5 days. I’m sure he and the DD’s will be buying a few anyhow.


Did you try the outlets?


http://cgi.ebay.com/Snow-White-Bottle-Cap-Disney-Pin_W0QQitemZ6544883294QQcategoryZ50775QQssPageNameZWD1VQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem This is buy it now for 5.25


I will keep an eye out when we go


Please take PIGLET off the list—will be in mail on Monday–you know the drill! :wub:


doughnut -
Thank you very much. I won bell today on ebay and was overjoyed. Please tell me what pins you like and I can mail you one in exchange or pay you for the pin. I can’t just take it from you.

Thanks for keeping an eye out for me. :heart:

Thanks for the link and for keeping an eye out. :heart:


As always, I am happy to help out! Any villianess will do my friend!


I will mail it monday. :cool:


Merci bien, te est tres gentille! :tongue:


She has a Quuen of Hearts Cast Member laynard series wanted poster without the hidden mickey. I feel safe in trading this one since she has two. Is that ok? She has no idea about this trade for the bottlecap as I want to surprise her with them for christmas, so I can’t ask her which ones to trade…lol She also has a few cool Malicifient ones that are LE1000. We got them off Disneyshopping.com LEt me know.


It doesn’t matter to me–you pick (sorry about the pressure!! LOL!!) Piglet is on the way to you. Have a great day!!


We will look for the pins when we go as well. We will also get the other pins, too. I am taking a list. We have two Sedesma pins that we got from CMs when we were there in May. We are going to trade them back for other other Disney pins and make sure that we look before we trade next time. now that we know the difference. Once you get a Sedesma, you know the difference. They are so much lighter and the color is way different.


Thanks for looking for me lawwin.

Doughnut -
Queen of hearts went out today too. Thanks again for doing this …sara is going to be so excited!


It was my pleasure—that’s me, making the world a better place one pin at a time! LOL! :tongue:


For a recap which ones are you still looking for now?


Sleeping beauty
snow white
brer rabbit

Doughnut -
I got piglet today…man that was fast. Thank you very much again for your help with this. Please let me know when the queen gets to you house. :heart:


I just won Cinderella and Sleeping beauty on ebay and have a serious bid in for snow white. I haven’t been able to find Brer rabbit just yet though, so if anyone sees him, please let me know.


The bottlecaps are pretty neat. We managed to trade for an Ariel bottlecap on our DL trip. It is on my DD9’s lanyard and it is one of her favorites. :biggrin:


Does anyone have an orange giraffe with multi-colored polkadots from the Whimsical Animals collection? It will say Whimsical on the back – I will trade lots of good stuff for it! Thanks!!!