Looking for tips


Hello everyone, I am planning another Disney vacation to FL this winter with my mother, as a birthday gift to myself. We had done this before and park is just amazing around this time of year and I just really wanted to go back again and check it out.
what I am wondering is what are some ways i can look at doing this and not spending a fortune to do it. I would really love to see if we could stay at one of the resorts if at all possible cause that is one thing in all my times to Disney I have never done.

I am not entirely sure which one to look at but I would like to look at one thats not so much on the expensive side. my birthday is the 19th of December so i would like to look at going to the parks around that time but not be there right exactly when Christmas is going on since I am sure that is a mad house, I have also heard about the Christmas special things they do and I would like to find out more about those and how much they cost. Since I do think I might be interested in checking into doing them with my mom while there.

I know that no Disney trip is really too inexpensive but if I can find ways of saving money on this trip I am not entirely against it at all.
thanks for taking a peek at this hope to hear some great advise to help me out some.


Well, you could always look into the POP it is a value resort and they are pretty inexpensive considering all the perks you get for staying in the park. If you look at POP and want something a little bit nicer, and a can afford it, then try a moderate like POR or POFQ. POFQ is a nice quaint, small resort. POR and POFQ both have boat access to DTD as well. POFQ has its own bus to MK and I believe is the first stop to all other parks.

Either way you choose it is Disney so you will have a great time! :smile:


do you know if in the month of december there is a better time to try and schedule in a tip there, like ways we could save any on the air fare getting down.

I think in a few days I am gonna check the travel sites and see what sort of deals they have for flying down.


It’s best to plan a trip for the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I understand that the first week of December is VERY quiet.

I would recommend the Pop Century Resort. If you can spend a little more money, then Port Orleans French Quarter is an absolutely beautiful little resort - I know you and your mother would love it. With staying on site you get many perks - all your transportation, plus you can use Magical Express to and from the airport - that alone saves money and it is so easy and convenient. You are also able to participate in the Dining Plans which Disney offers. There is a sticky in “Restaurants” which explains the various plans and the prices. As a guest, Extra Magic Hours are offered to you - meaning you have early entry into the various parks - morning or evening - on certain days. Of course there is the added bonus of being able to enjoy the Disney magic 24 hours a day. It doesn’t stop when you leave the parks. All the resorts are fun and all will be dressed up for Christmas.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party takes place in the Magic Kingdom throughout the Christmas Season. it is a ticketed event, but there are TONS of events throughout the parks that are free - the parades, the decorations in the parks and resorts,(the Gingerbread House in the lobby of the Grand Floridian is a must see), the amazing Osborne Lights at the Hollywood Studios. The Candlelight Procession at Epcot - all free and all wonderful.


[li]Go first two weeks of December
[/li][li]Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday
[/li][li]Book now, but keep and eye out for discounts and apply them to your reservation. Don’t wait until they are out.
[/li][li]Order tickets from AAA or other discount places if you have access