Looking to buy 30-60 points at OKW


If you have too many points, please let me know. Don’t pay broker fees, I am a cash buyer… Thanks! :mickey:


Welcome to DC.

I can’t help you, have you tried any of the resale sites? Here are a few. Even if you don’t get OKW you can still stay there, it just won’t be your home resort.





Great sites. I looked at them for 30 minutes and we aren’t buying any more right now! :laugh:


Thanks! I know about a few resale sites, it just seems like they are all selling 150 points or more which is too much of an initial investment for me. :slight_smile:


I believe the initial investment has to be a minimum of 150 points. I know for sure that is the case through Disney, but I am not sure if you purchase via resale if you can start out with a lower amount. I have seen small amounts for sale, but they sell very quickly. I would keep watching those sites and jump on the first one you see.