Looking to buy/rent points


Hi all! I am looking to buy/rent points for 12-27 07 12-31-07. I am new to this so I dont know what to ask for. I have 2 adults and 2 kids and would like to stay at whatever would be lesser set of points if possible. Thanks all for looking.


I would like to point out you will miss my 2008 visit and so, miss my parade. Really, it seems a shame. You should consider rescheduling.


I will be there in 08 as well but I made a mistake and had to correct the post. Im looking for 07 points… Its been a long day already!! :laugh:


Just wanted to mention that OKW is fewer points… and it was VERY NICE… Good Luck!!


08 - Third week in December. Book early ad they are sure to sell out once work gets 'round the Boss is back in town.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I cant go any sooner due to the kids xmas schedule from school. I also have the week after xmas taken off… I usually go in april but I have to wait and see. DH as the dumb idea to do things around the house… Who cares:glare: I rather be in Disney… Maybe I will buy him a boat for xmas so he can stay home and have something to do:closedeye


The cheapest options are going to be either Old Key West or Saratoga Springs. You are going to need to find someone who owns at one of those two resorts, as they will be able to book the reservation 11 months out. Over Christmas, those rooms will be gone quickly, so if the owner owns at another resort, they will have to wait until 7 months out to book, and there won’t be anything left by that point.

Points tend to run in the $11 - $12 range. For those four nights, a studio at one of those two resorts will run 81 points, so you can figure the cost will be in the neighborhood of $900 for the four nights. To give you an idea, 4 nights at a moderate resort for the same nights would run $933.75 for a standard view, all taxes included.

I would suggest using an escrow company, if you don’t know the person you are dealing with. Once you arrive at the resort, you can release the funds. If you are comfortable with the person, then you can arrange payment as you like.


I just called, for 07, there is nothing at all available for your dates, everything is sold out. I found a 1 bedroom villa at Saratoga Springs, but the last night is not available, so it would be three nights only, and the cost would be 140 points for the three nights.


Thanks for the words of wisdom. Where can I find an esrow company?


Thanks Mickey! I think I will stick to what I have over at Universal. Thats where we are going but I thought I my be able to get a little Disney in with it.


The one I would suggest would be Escrow.com, but there are other options as well.



I am planning a trip in Dec '08 (SSR). Can I ask someone with home resort of OKW to book in Feb, then flip it to me at 7 months?