Looking to Rent!


Hi Buzzers–
I know its been a long, long time since I checked in! I hope everyone is well. Life on my end is CRAZY, but so much fun.

I am looking to rent some points for a May trip. I have never rented points before, and don’t know too, too much about it. I would be open to any assistance anyone is willing to give me! I’m not too sure where to start!

Thanks in advance!


Have you talked to rlcarmichael? Richard usually has a some extra points floating around.

And since he gives me a 75% kickback, I have to say he is a nice guy too. :tongue:


We had some good luck with DVCrentalstore this year. The guy Paul was SUPER nice and helpful and they were $12 a point, cheaper than most of the other rental websites. Still not as cheap as an individual, but I didn’t mind because I got the room we wanted. Good luck!


Yep, I’ve got points available. Sending PM.


Richard to the rescue!!!:smile:


And I accept, Visa, Master Card and beer. :laugh:


By case or the dreamed of Refillable Beer Mug?