Looks like the rumor is official!


Just read this on the Passporter News Email I received today:

[B]What’s New and Changed

Here are a few items of relevant news:

As of July 16, 2008, no reservations will be taken for dates later than January 15, 2009. Reservations for January 16, 2009 and beyond can be made beginning on October 15, 2008. The exceptions to this are Chef Mickey’s, Cinderella’s Royal Table and Victoria & Albert’s which will continue to accept reservations at the 180 day mark. Word is that this move may foreshadow a permanent return to the 90 day ADR booking window… [/B]

Of course it happens right as I approach my 180 day mark!:pinch:


Does it hurt? Other than we can’t plan 180 days out?


Just gives you 90 more days to plan.

REALLY no difference in calling at 8AM 180 days out or at 8AM 90 days out.


Hmm…I wonder why they are making the change…


I agree, but I can’t help but feel a little bummed. I spent a lot of time tweaking our schedule to make the :phone: big call:phone: , just to have to wait another 90+ days again! :laugh:

Actually, in my case, this upcoming band trip it kind of works to my advantage. I don’t really know what the band’s schedule is yet, so I should have a better idea when the next 90 day mark comes around.:happy:


I hope that helps with Le cellier … lol I love that place …


Agreed!!! & allows for a little spontaneity.


No big deal for me. 90 days more to change my mind over and over again.


I think its a good idea. It gives us more time to plan and God knows I have changed my mind a million times before I made my final decission on where we are eating.


Is this only for dining reservations?


I believe it is.

So… since my 180 mark is rolling around for January and we want to eat at Chef Mickey’s I still need to call on that day to get it, correct?

And the rest of my ADR’s wait until 90 days before.


Everywhere I have read on this subject it says that those 3 restaurants are the only exception.

I’m still calling my 180 day for my Chef Mickey’s ADR!:phone:


If you call WDW dining, wouldn’t the person be more likely to be able to tell you when you need to call back or even if you need to call back?


I like the 90 days better…it stresses me out to try and figure out ADR so far in advance! Hopefully the extra time will help me coordinate ADRs with which park I would be spending the day at. I am glad they exempted the 3 most popular ADRs.


Maybe because people are missing there ressies or making duplicates?

You make them at 90 days, and they are only held for 45 days before the cancellation window . . . so the reservations aren’t all filled up and then you cancel 45 days out . . . am I making sense?? :confused:

In other words . … the spots are only held for 45 days instead of 135!


The 90 day window is temporary. This is just to help with the transition to a new Dining System across property. The previous one is old and outdated, we will soon be moving to a newer and better computer program! 180 days will be returning after the transition to the new dining system. It will take approximately 6 months to make the transition, as so many of us Cast Members use the system.