LOOOK: Club level rooms are on sale CHEAP


Ever wanted to try a club-level vacation? Here is a link for sale pricing as cheap as I have ever seen it!

Walt Disney World&reg - Walt Disney World&reg - Special Offer

Happy booking!


That’s basically 2003 prices and I haven’t seen club level that low in, well, 4 years or more.
Too bad those dates don’t work for me.


What a great deal. I’m still looking for a good deal for the first week of December. Poo!


Hmmm, I always wanted to stay club level in Disneyland. In WDW I mostly use DVC so I don’t have much use for this but I’d love it take them up on the offer.


Wow what a fantastic deal. Too bad those deals never come up when I have the time or the money to go :blush:


I hope they have deals next year when I’m booking


Wow, only one resort right? Still, we have done the Club level at a few local hotels here in Atlanta. It is always great to be able to have a glass of wine before bed. It is nice.


My experience has always been that they will advertise one resort or a group of resorts, but when you call, there are actually other options and often, all resorts are included, at least on a limited, first come first served basis.
So call.
One thing to keep in mind about the club lounges. They usually close up/put everything away around 10 PM. Depending on the resort, the lounge can be totally locked down/doors closed while others are open for guests to sit and watch TV and possibly have their cappuccino machines functioning around the clock.


wow! that is DIRT CHEAP! Shame I can’t go…unless that lottery ticket pays off.:laugh:


I wonder what the AP rate is?


I wish I could book this but our one summer trip is already book through DVC.


I just called on this and was told it was a Florida Resident Only Discount…maybe I’ll try again, and see what another agent says


Definitely not true. It arrived in my email and I live in New Jersey.


I really doubt this, not when I log onto AOL and get a link to this:

Disney Travel & Deals


Now we stayed at the Poly for the first time and there was a flyer (shaped like an alarm clock) advertising to book your next trip before you leave and get Disney Villas at 30% off for select dates. I wanted so bad to book it but we couldn’t:frown:


works for us, now we have to decide what resort. Wilderness Lodge is cheapest but coming from Maine, it seems like we are home with pine trees, etc. thinking more tropical would be best or even Beach Club (we stayed there last year). Any advice? Spend the extra money and go for it at another resort, but which one? Stayed at POLY but it was about 15 years ago.


still too rich for my blood…sigh


Were like you Wilderness Lodge and Beach club are too much like New England so we stayed at the Poly and would again