Looonnnggg over due


I’ve lost the “Disney magic” after work and real life so this is just a rough outline of my trip if you have any questions let me know :slight_smile:


I stayed at the coranado springs and I must say this was the highlight
of my trip. I LOVED the hotel. I lucked out and got an “upgrade”
The room was RIGHT outside the first bus stop. The walking was
minimized. I must say the place was HUGE! The pool looked great! I
am sad i missed the opportunity to go into the pool. MY parents
went on this trip with me and they enjoyed the quiet pool. I must
say i loved the sand “beach” and the small little surprise. We found
a little alligator on the sand beach. He actually found us every
morning when we went to get some coffee. I think it’s kind of funny
i was told the Walt Disney world resort says there are no alligators
on the property but yet i was told by a cast member that the lake at
the resort had a little friend this year and last year. :laugh:

The food at the hotel’s quick service was amazing! I loved the fact i
was sitting down for a quick service meal and it felt like I was at a
restaurant. For any of you who have not been there let me give you a
quick run down. To go into the market place you are seated and are
given a card. There are different stations (Mexican, Italian, grill
etc) and you go up order what you want and they stamp your card. You
have wait staff that come around and refill your drinks. At the end
you go up to the cashier and pay. It was so CUTE! :wub: The actual
food was pretty much your average hotel food but i just loved the
atmosphere. IT REALLY made it special.

The upgrade room i got was cute but generic. The theme of the hotel
was not really in my room. It was your typical run of the mill room
with some mickey ears in select places.

But what REALLY surprised me was a cast member working at the hotel.
There was a bell staff that refused to take a tip. I was shocked and
very impressed! :ohmy: kodus to Paul! :slight_smile:

The Parks

Here is my biggest issue. I LOVE Disney and i would classify myself
as a Disney purist. My FAVORITE ride is Car. of progress and love
the Disney of old. What bothers me the most is i feel Disney is
losing the ideals of Walt himself. I mean take a traditional ride
as… carousel of progress. The wait line has nothing and you don’t
know what is going on until you get into the ride and your story is
contained in the ride. Or the haunted mansion very little is given to
you until you get into the ride. Compared to toy story mania where
the wait line is like a sensory overload of toys and visual cues that
is so in your face. There is just way too much for one to process. I
believe a successful ride is when you get your complete story during
the ride. Pre-loading videos that give you the story just doesn’t say
traditional Disney to me. I remember thinking while on dinosaur ride
that the pre-boarding movie tells you the story and quiet honestly you
don’t HAVE to go on the ride to get the story.

I noticed the park stores sold pretty much the SAME thing. If you went
to one store you pretty much saw everything WDW had to office. Years
past stores used to have specialized merchandise. I remember coming
off the haunted mansion ride and they had the little cart that had
magic tricks and merchandise that was special to the mansion. I don’t
want to see nightmare before Christmas! Even the Pooh ride you go into
the store and than is more than just the gang from pooh.

Something that couldn’t be avoided was the construction. I don’t know
how i feel about the wraps they put around buildings. I mean it’s
better than nothing. At least you get the feel of what the buildings
will look like once they are finished. On that issue, the jury is

Fast pass. EVERYONE has grown to love fast pass but I for one being
the purist i am can not stand it! Those passes cause more chaos than
good. I was waiting on line and I honestly thought one guest was
going to elbow some little girl in the head in order to get to the
fast past machine before her. It is horribly disgusting how grown
people act to get a ticket! Honestly, wait in line and just be done
with it.

Along the same lines im sick of seeing people renting wheel chairs and
motorized scooters just to attempt to get on the lines faster. If you
have a legitimate excuse that’s fine by all means use them but i watch
kids younger than myself jumping back and forth between who was using
a wheel chair and going on handicap lines everywhere they were going.
Lazy is not a legitimate reason to rent a scooter or chair. My
mother who has great difficulty walking form a injury from a few years
ago and my father who had recent problems with his knee walked the
ENTIRE time. Never did they use a wheel chair or a scooter because
they refused to take it away from someone who needed it.

But i am happy to report that I did get to go on my favorite ride ever
even though there was a possible during I wasn’t going to be able
because of malfunctions. I got to go to the carousel of progress! I
haven’t smiled that brightly in a while. I ADORE that ride. It’s one
of the few rides i get to experience almost exactly how my father did
at the '64-'65 world’s fair. It’s some what a special bond my dad
and I have. That’s what I mean. THAT is a true Disney moment in my

What really was upsetting was what I saw a cast member do. It quite
possibly was the most undisney thing I’ve ever seen. This younger CM
was waving to all the people as they left for the magic kingdom (it
was sadly my last full day at the park and this pretty much was my
last Disney experience). Another CM had came up to him for whatever
reason and I saw the first with his big mickey hands make a shape of a
gun and put it to his temple. I know it’s difficult working at Disney
with the people, the heat and the intensity but if you have to make
that outward gesture on stage do us all a favor and reconsider your
job. Honestly, in my own life I am a historical reenactor who during
the summer has to wear wool dresses and deals with stupid questions
from the public (such as did they have white bread during the civil
war) and not ONCE do I complain about my job, the weather or the crazy
questions I get. I found his gesture, although short and
insignificant so to speak… offensive and rude. If Walt saw that
imagine what he’d say! (sorry for the rant but it REALLY was upsetting
to see).


A big issue when book our trip was where to eat. I must say i was
impressed by places i NEVER thought I’d be impressed with…
others… not so much.

First quick service Peco Bill’s at MK. It was a good burger and
loved the fixin’ bar. It was just rather difficult to find a table.
but it was to be expected. Oh yeah my soda was flat. I often wonder
how long they keep the soda on the counter for. But I def. would
recommend that as a quick service place.

I must say OH MY GOODNESS, why didn’t I try a dole whip sooner! IT IS
A MUST. I am not a big fan if pineapples but everyone tells me you
have to try the whip. I tried the dole whip float and it was knock
your socks off good.

First night Tony town square. It was ok… It reminded me too much
of a quick service type meal. The actual location was so pretty but
the food I wasn’t thrilled. To me it was like a pizza place you’d
find in Manhattan. Well except for the fact they didn’t have pizza.
My family started with zucchini sticks. They were great! The dipping
sauce was really good! My dad and I both got the shrimp scampi I
tasted the shrimp but the scampi was more just olive oil. Scampi
where I come from is a butter garlic sauce. My gelatto was pretty
good I cant complain about ice cream! :slight_smile:

Day two was animal kingdom-

Lunch was the flame tree. Man I had so much chicken i was ready to
burst! The taste? average. It’s ok. Would I go back? probably not
but it’s worth trying.

Dinner we went to Germany. Now if any of you have read my food post
before you should know I LOVE Germany. In College I was a Germanic
language and literature major for the longest time (until i figured
out I could graduate earlier if i changed my major and the school I
wanted to get a job at was going to lose German as a second language)
so going there makes me SO happy. I love to hear the language and
indulge in the culture. The food was really good. I want to say spot
on but it’s spot on for German-American style cooking. It’s
questionable for true German cooking. The pretzel bread alone is the
worth going. Their cold salads are amazing. I was slightly
disappointed with the live show. It was REALLY quick. I’ve seen the
show more than once and I know they used to do a whole bunch of
different things. There were no cow bells which was the most
disappointing part. Some of the people i sat with did not speak
english so i didn’t get to really engage in conversation with people
but all in all I must say was a true highlight! :slight_smile:

Tuesday we did early morning Epcot. That day was the day I got sick
so it was a shorten day but i did have fun none the less. Our lunch
reservations were for Teppen Edo. This is a new stop for my family so
I was super excited to try this location out. The chef we got at our
table was sweet and friendly but not as animated as the other chefs
around us. It really didn’t take away form the fun. What I did find
difficult was the ability to understand what was being said. It was
quiet noisy at the location. It wasn’t from screaming children,
talking people and just general restaurant noise. It was because of
the cooking going on. I wouldn’t expect that in a million years!
The actual food was average. Next time I’ll go for the other side and
stick with sushi.

The next day I did dinner at France. We did Chef de France. I wasn’t
impressed with the foot but my parents both said they loved theirs.
I got sick the day before so i didn’t experiment way too much. I had
French Macaroni and Cheese and it just felt like I was eating noodles.
Nothing exciting. My parents had a Beef dish and they raved about
how tender the meat was. I did get a not so pleasant surprise when my
waitress accidentally knocked over a glass of water on my lap and
they put us at a table that was directly in the setting sun. I don’t
know what to think about this place… I’ll keep it as neutral.

What I MUST rave about are two different places I found that hands
down will be my top choices to go to when I go back to Disney again.
First Liberty tree tavern. NOW THIS was spot on Disney! The theme was
amazing. I felt I was brought back in time. I loved every detail
down to the silverware. If you go there notice that the forks have
the three prongs as opposed to modern day silverware. It was a riot.
I LOVED it. ALSO, we were at Disney for my parents 27th wedding
anniversary. This is the only place we made table reservations that
gave us that extra Disney. They had confetti on the table in the
shape of a heart. It was so adorable! Now the food, amazing. I had
the thanksgiving type dinner. WOW i loved it. I ate every last bit
of it. And like a kid at heart I am not a fan of veggies but the green
beans were great! YOU MUST GO! Got to laugh i watched a couple try to
order beer there :wink: lol

Another place which doesn’t really have that Disney charm but none
the less a great restaurant, Capt’n Jacks. My food was amazing. We
had peel your own shrimp as an appetizer they were so fresh and yummy
and my pasta with the lobster cream sauce with shrimp on top. wow wow


For all you thirsty travelers out there. We have found cheap beer!
:slight_smile: My dad refused to pay $30 for a 6 pack of beer. Without a car it
was difficult to avoid that fate of paying THAT much for beer…
UNTIL i remember some research I did. I know Y’all are all knowing
when it comes to Disney. So you know if you take the bus to down
town Disney there are two stops. There is one for the market place
and one for the west side/pleasure island stop. If you get off at the
Westside stop there is a street leading up to the main road. If you
cross over the road (busy highway but not a long walk) you will see a
gas station. 12 pack beers for $10. My dad was VERY excited to see

I truly don’t mean to sound negative and ranty because I did have an
amazing time but I just miss the Disney of old. There was more magic
or rather they were able to hide corporate American a little better
than they do today!


Thanks for finishing your TR.

I disagree about the queues, I enjoy the detailed ones.

The CM with the move with the Mickey glove should have been fired immediately. I would start writing letters. That just crosses the line.


Yeah I don’t know… I was thinking about writting a letter. BUT i just don’t know where to write it to and Im just not sure WHO to write it to.

I don’t know I love the ride story contained in the ride and I don’t honestly want to be able to think i just want in front of me.


I’m glad you had some good things about your trip and thanks for the reports on the restaurants.


Thanks for writing the tr! I disagree about the queus and fastpasses, but to each their own.


im sure most would disagree with me. But I’ll always want the disney of old. I want Disney in the purest form!


Here is the Disney compliant email address: wdw.guest.communications@disneyworld.com

They are quick to respond, but the will ask the CMs name, and the time and place you were when the incident occurred.

Do keep in mine, these are people that are working “stiffs” like the rest of us. :laugh: And altho I agree it was VERY poor judgement (especially while wearing Mickey gloves) you may have been the only one to see it. Most CM go above and beyond to maintain the magic, but under it all they are just people! :heart:

I too am a Disney classic lover, but since I was a little kid going to the park, my favorite part about Disney was the ques. The fact that they kept you entertained the whole time you were online, that you forgot you were online impressed me even as a child. :wub:

Fastpass, altho I DO LOVE this feature, I agree it’s gotten a little out of hand. I realized this JUST this past weekend, when I was one of 1000 “cattle” who at park opening at HS made a beeline to the Fastpass line for TSM! The line was backed up to “One Mans Dream” the stand by line EVEN LONGER!! I got in line at 9am, and the FP tix were for 12:20pm - that is insane. :glare: But then again, the line time was 90 minutes all day, and I since I am a frequent park goer, I prefer to get on asap.

CSR is one of our favorite resorts as well. I love the room redos (warm woods and light blue) and I LOVE the queen sized beds. The Pepper Market is also YUMMY!

I’m sorry your trip wasn’t as magical has you had hoped it would be, but the “world” is changing and sadly people are on a fast track EVEN while “relaxing” on vacation. I’ve experienced more and more rude people while visiting too. :frown:

Do you have any pictures to go along with your TR?


Hey Negative Nancy…JUST KIDDING!!! I had to laugh when I read this part about the food… Sounds like you enjoyed the chicken? I know I kid about food sometimes by saying…
" I ate about 10 of those hot dogs before I realized I did not care for them!" That’s what I thought was funny that you loaded up on the chicken then said you wouldn’t go back.
Anywhoo… I can understand your upset about the way WDW has changed… Yes Walt would have concerns, but I think he would also want to find new ways to bring people in to the parks.
Sounds like you did have somewhat of a good time ???
Maybe you just need a Mulligan (Golf re-do) … I know I sure do!!!
Glad to finally read your TR !


i took over 1000 picture so yes there are plenty of them :slight_smile: I need to upload them somewhere. AND try scrapbooking all those photos… it’s a nightmare! LOL


You took the words right out of my mouth.

Anyway…Tiffany, its too bad you had a not so great experience in WDW but thanks for the report!


I don’t think it matters if she was the only one who saw it. On stage is on stage… and if your job includes maintaining an image, that’s what you do.

I’ve had regular jobs where I really wanted to tell the people I’m waiting on that if I had to spend one more minute in this store I was going to go quietly insane. I managed not to do it. I’ve had jobs where I’m “onstage” and in costume all day, and I managed not to do any of a million things to break the magic.

Yes, the CM had a lapse in judgement. And actions should have consequences. One bad CM reflects on all of the good ones.


Yes, i agree with eveyrone it’s a job for them but you know what you are working at the happiest place on earth or atleast that’s what they say. You need to remember that. I am paying an extremely crazy amount of money pretty much for happiness. If you can’t maintain yourself for your shift than I’d suggest you find work somewhere else! No one is telling them to work in Disney. If all I had to do for my job was wave smile and greet or say goodbye to people as they left a park (which im pretty sure most people were leaving with a smile on their face) then i’d be in heven. I like to see that CM come work with me for oh lets say an hour and he will be glad to go back to the kingdom.

I had a friend who worked at disney and even on the most difficult of days she loved it. There is no reason NOT to love you job at disney (well except if you have like cleaning the bathrooms or some food service ;-)). If someone does not have a passion for working with people this just isn’t their place… bottom line.

And yes this was a negitive rant about my trip but I did have fun. It was my freedom from reality for a week but MAN i miss the old disney!


thanks for the tr glad you had a good time


That’s a total bummer that there were parts of our trip you didn’t enjoy.
I definitely know what you mean about the “old time Disney” seeming to fade.

Ok, the CM I would have reported him immediately! That is so far from what Disney is all about. Especially while wearing Mickey gloves.

You know sometimes we look soooooo forward to going to WDW and if every little detail is not met to the fullest we get very disappointed. I get it.

I hope your next trip is extra magical…


I am so sorry you had some negative aspects on your trip. At least you had fun through it all.

I have to say that I agree about CoP. It is one of my all time favorates and I love the “old Disney” feeling. But I do love the “new Disney” feeling of the modern rides too. Not only are pre shows informational but they also pass the time. If you are in line for 45 minutes, it does not feel that long b/c you are being entertained the whole time!

I semi agree about Fastpass. I love the system and it is a great tool for managing the parks BUT I agree that some people are pushy and rude. My thought on that is you will get pushy and rude anywhere you go so I just ignore it and move on with my trip!

And that cast member…you are better than I am b/c I would have immediately reported him.

Thank you for sharing!



Sorry just posted this on the old thread…

Very glad that you posted your thoughts. Disney in my eyes is never exempt from its blemishes. I always try to come home and remember the up side and let the not so pleasant stuff wash away. One trip may be more memorable than the next, but each has its magic moments. On one trip my daughter and I walked out of our resort room in a big hurry to get to dinner, both were a little annoyed with each other. The skies open up and just poured buckets at that exact moment. We both looked at each other and knew the bus stop was a few minutes away, next thing I new we were playing together in the rain and dinner was not as important anymore. This is one of my most magical memories. I guess what I’m trying to say is relish in the moments with your Mom and Dad and let the rest just wash away. The next trip will still have it moments (oh yah), magical or not.

P.S. We Love, Love, Love the Carousel of Progress. I completely know were you are coming from with the Disney of old…


I really enjoyed your TR Tiffany. I liked your honesty and agreed with many of your points. I thought on the whole it wasn’t that negative at all- thanks for the read though, most enjoyable.


despite all the good and the bad I may consider becoming a disney vacation club member. G-d help me! LOL I am fighting the urge to go to the “store” they have at my local mall that sells the vacation club memberships!!! MUST FIGHT THE URGE! they are calling me to come in to visit. It’s getting to be very difficult NOT to go in!


Having taking many trips, I have come to realize that there are always going to be a negative thing or more. It’s how you react to those things that makes or breaks the trip.

Change is never good, but disney in the pure won’t sell in 2011. WDW is a business and has to keep it fresh. Sorry…but I like the new and the change. It makes it a little more magical each time there is something new to see.

I love fast pass and enjoy walking right through a queue past a line that is waiting over an hour…it’s good planning. It’s not for everyone however, so I repsect you wanting to sit in line like the oldin’ days. to each their own always. My choice is to see as much as possible in as little time as possible. I wait for nothing…but again, everyone is different.

I am glad your Dad found his beer at that gas station. I can’t see me taking that venture on a bus and then having to treck all the way back to the resort. The time spent doing it isn’t worth the money saved to me. Round trip, it had to be almost 2 hours counting walking to the gas station and waiting for buses…yeah, I would have just spent the extra $20…lol You dad is a wise man…way more wise than me.


Like everyone else, I’m really sorry that some of the magic was destroyed for you. I’d suggest also to write a letter but that can be a difficult thing to do, especially if you don’t know who the CM was or you’re the only one who saw it, etc.

However, perhaps you do just need a do-over? I hope it hasn’t been ruined for you forever!

CoP is also one of my favorite rides in WDW. I know many people think it’s boring but I just love the story. I make sure to ride it every time I’m there. :happy: