Lost 01/19


Am I allowed to do this? No one else showed up to make a new one, and I didn’t want this week’s reviews in last week’s… Let’s see if I get sent to the chopping block.

I don’t have anything enlightening to say but…

  • I love the chance to see Eko with cornrows, clean-shaven, and sleeveless. Excellent. I couldn’t help but grin as he stepped out of the car again.:wub:

  • I love ‘Renegade Man’ - leader of the Others. When he yelled 'light ‘em up!’, Greg and I, both half drunk, were yelling ‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!’ like the most awesome play of a football had just happened in OT with the score tied. That was completely awesome.

  • Jack is insane. I used to think he was pretty smart. Annoying, but smart. He’s like MacGuyver and Martha Stewart wrapped in bat cape. Now he’s just dumb. And it’s overflowing into Kate - who I always knew was dumb. But now she’s pushing it.

  • Sawyer - ‘Oh, it’s my favorite leaf. How could I forget this place?!’ :laugh: :laugh:


Sawyer did have some great one liners last night. My two favorites were his Mr. Clean comment and His favorite leaf.

Sounds like it is time to train an army. Will this be an army for defense or for offense?


Offense at first. They’ll go in charged up like crazy. But they’re really no match up for the Others, who’ve been living Jungle life for (apparently) some time now. The Others will tear 'em apart. With Renegade Man laughing all the way.

But it makes you wonder why Jack didn’t go to Sayid with the Army question. Obviously Sayid has more experience with it. Ana is just… psychotic.


Haha! I was wondering the same thing (esp. since I’m a newbie)…kept coming back to check if anyone had posted yet.

My thoughts:

Jack’s wife cheating. My first thought was that she was cheating with Desmond, but now I’m not so sure…maybe she’d been wanting to leave him for a while and needed an excuse…

I thought it was funny that last week everyone was speculating that there would be a romance between Hurley and Libby, and then last night he was asking Charlie about her. :heart:

Did anyone hear “Zeke” calling for Alex (Danielle’s daughter’s name)? One of my friends mentioned it, but either she’s wrong or I missed it.

What’s everyone think about Sawyer calling the old guy “Zeke”? Did he know him or was that just one of his pet names like he does with everyone else? I’m leaning towards him thinking he knows him. Only because the other names he’s used have been things like Mr. Clean, Captain Falafel, etc. Names like Mountain Man or Hillbilly Joe would have been more inline with the “Sawyerisms” I’m used to hearing…

I found it interesting that Jack asked Ana Lucia the army question instead of Sayid. Maybe because he has more of a connection with her…

I think that’s it.


Sayid’s going through alot right now. Maybe Jack was being sensitive. (I’m saying that rather tongue in cheek though.) Trouble with going on offense with their army is they really don’t know how many of the others there are.

Jack is being unlikable right now. Hopefully that will change. Just brings some depth to the character.

Potentially, Hurley could become unlikable if he starts up a relationship with that girl. Romance doesn’t neccessarily bring out the best in people.

Oh, and I heard ‘Zeke’ call out for Alex.


I wondered how Sawyer knew Zeke’s name, too…if it IS, infact, Zeke.

Sawyer had me laughing so hard.

Where did these people come from??? Who are they? Are they in charge of the experiement?

I don’t think the LOSTies army is going to be a match to them…

I think he asked Anna Lucia, because she’s killed one of them? But, someone killed Ethan, right?


I noticed how protective Sawyer was once the others gave Kate back. He wrapped his arm around her waist and it made my heart skip…I thought it was a very nice moment.


Thanks! I’m going to have to re-watch the epi. again.


Still have never seen the show… falling farther and farther behind!


Anna and Charlie both have killed one of the others. Jack knew that they had supper human strength after chasing Ethan thru the jungle. Although I would consider Sayid a better person to form an army, talking to Anna first since she had a first hand account of fighting one of the others makes since.

I am betting Sawyer and Zeke have a past we don’t know about. I am also betting that Jack’s wife left him for someone we know.


I would also bet on this one. :tongue:


Does anyone remember Lockes fathers name from last season?


Me too, I wonder who?


I wouldn’t think that Sawyer has a past with ‘Zeke’. Presumably, he’s been on the island for a very long time. The guy just sounds like a ‘Zeke’.


That’s what I thought too, he was just calling him that because it fit.


What I want to know is…Why didn’t anyone ask the “others” where they came from? How long they’ve been there? How they got there?


Ok, I accidentally posted this on the 01/11 thread, so here it is again:

Yea! I’m so glad you guys have this thread! I love LOST, and have no one to discuss it with. :mad:

I thought last nights episode was great! I loved the ending, when Jack talked about training an army - I feel last night’s episode changed the path I thought the show was taking.

I am dying to know how Locke ended up in the wheelchair - does anyone know?


We have not been told in the show how he ended up in the wheelchair.



A DJ on a morning show in my area is a LOST fan and discusses it on the show. She made mention several weeks ago to knowing how Locke ended up in the wheelchair- it was a terrible tease! I have never missed an episode and I knew I hadn’t seen anything about that. :pinch:


I believe it was Anthony Cooper.