Lost 05/03


OK…I wanted to start the official LOST thread this week! :blush:

Tonight is an Ana Lucia flashback episode. Ok…discuss…


Let’s see…

Shall we discuss how much I don’t care about Ana Lucia’s flashback? :dry:

Looking forward to catching up with Michael, though we probably won’t get nearly as much as I’d like.


I would love to make an Ana Lucia/Michelle Rodriguez/cop/jail joke… but I’m trying so hard to resist… :ninja:



Oooh, make it, make it! SNARK=GOOD!


Does anyone think that a character is going to die tonight??? It is about that time, isn’t it??? Boone bought the farm last season about this time…

I think Ana Lucia might be the next one to die, but we will see won’t we?

I am looking forward to seeing more of Henry messing with the minds of my favorite plane crash survivors! :biggrin:

GO HENRY! :tongue:


30 minutes and counting…hope I can stay awake this week…of course I can…I’m too excited to sleep (see countdown clock below)


I hope I can stay awake too but I do need to get to bed - check out my countdown! :mickey:


I know!!! How can you stand it??? I hope you are feeling better! :heart:


I am feeling a little better but a little worried too. I just dont want it to get worse while I am there. :mickey:


We get it at 7pm in Ontario - tonight’s episode was AWESOME - and let me just say - this episode brings lots of info, a hot, shirtless Sawyer, and a little extra something (which I won’t say since most of you will not have seen it yet and I don’t want to spoil it)!


Think happy thoughts…and maybe rent a scooter! And if I see you I will surely throw some Pixie Dust your way! :heart:


Those people are sooo not the “others” who took Walt. Michael must be delusional in his desperation to find his son.


Did anyone else see that?

A commercial for the Hanso organization?


What In The World!!!


Okay, That show was crazy!! I did not see what Micheal did coming. I do not think that he is not telling the truth about the others. It doesn’t match up with what Kate and Claire saw in the medical hatch. I think he may be leading them into a trap. Poor Ana and Libby. I feel so bad for Hurley because maybe he found love, and then lost her.




The commercial is the beginning of something ABC is doing that’s pretty neat - called “The Lost Experience”. They are creating a series of clues/ads/games etc over the summer that will tie in with the show. It is intended to keep interest over the summer months, and display story elements that the show does not have room for.

Should prove extremely interesting and fun to decipher!


I saw the commerical too. I am looking at a website. http://thehansofoundation.org/


Yeah, I just found this on a search. Check it out.


What a good episode tonight! I wasn’t expecting any of that at all!