Lost 11/16


Since bumble is looking for a thread I thought I would start one.

Well what do we think boys and girls?

I have a lot of opinions but I will start off with Shannon. Looks like she was shot huh?

Do you think Bernard is Roses husband?

I have to admit that I thought the episode did not give a lot of information on the new people.

Lisa :mickey:


No, but I think we learned more about the Others. For example, they can be killed and they are intelligent. We also found out who Goodwin was (remember Jin stumbled on him in the Jungle a couple of episodes ago). The knife indicates that they might be military…

Also, (I thought I saw this a few episodes ago, when they first went into the hatch) the Dharma logo is an octagon (8) with four levels…


Thanks LisaLovesMIckey! I thought the show helped me understand Annalucia a small bit better. Does any one know what she did for a living before the crash? She is such a hard person. Also I was glad they told us why that big guy was not talking for so long.


Yeah they might be military but I think possibly Anna was military also. She can kick butt like no body’s business and She can also take a hit. Plus she can fire a gun well too!

Lisa :mickey:


Yes, Bernard is Rose’s husband. I am so glad this show is good again!


I have another question…

If Nathan was not one of “them” then what was he doing a. in the bathroom of the plane for 2 hours and b. gone going to the bathroom for 2 hours? Do you think there is something there or now am I really over analyzing. I mean he could have had explosive…Never mind.

Lisa :mickey:


ok am i the only one yelling at the tv when they had the Transmission with boone talking. There are other Surviors there really really are!!! my parents think i’m crazy


trust me i was yelling when I heard Boone on the transmitter I was like you idiots it the other survivors and did anyone notice the teddy bear as soon as I saw it I was like oh my god its the teddy bear I first thought Nathan was an "other " but then I realised more and more it was the other guy who was the other . I liked how at the end it showed up today what happened . I hope Sayid kicks Anna butt since she shot Shannon ( or looks like she shot shannon) . I cant also wait to see Rose’s reaction to seeing Bernard .


I definitely noticed the teddy bear. I suspect that the Others are in one of the bunkers. We know that Dharma has 6 bunkers, our guys found one of them, the tailies found another, and I think that the Others inhabit still one more of them, and I think it’s the one that has the shark symbol.


I got to see the “extra scene” on ABC this morning. It showed the tail section people on the beach finding a crate full of boomerangs. I think that is what is on the end of Annalucias spear.


At first I thought that Anna was a police officer. But after she identified the knife, and some hints from the previews for next week, I think that she is military. I’m guessing that she fought in Desert Storm and will have a lot of interesting interaction with Sayid. Perhaps she met him in Iraq. :dry:


Dharma is even stamped on one of the sharks as it swam by in a previous episode.

I think it did a nice job showing their story so far. Nothing nearly as elaborate has happened to them it seems, but it did fill in a few gaps.

I thought we already knew the man was the ladies wife. Also, Goodwin says the ones they took were considered a threat… interesting. Plus the bunker had quarantine on the inside of the door as well.


I thought this lost really covered what happened to TES. I enjoyed getting to know a few of them. Annalucia- :glare: well she is not at the top of my list. I am also thinking military past with her. Mabey even Marine. She is really good at the hand to hand combat. And of course I enjoyed watching Sawyer get his butt kicked again.
But it also made me reanalize the “others”. Goodwin (think that was his name) had mentioned that mabey they werent attacking them. That was coming from Anna point of view not his. Mabey the “others” are taking these people to protect them from something. Mabey these “others” are sneaking through the jungle to avoid something even worse than what they are preceived to be.
Anywho…just my brain trying to keep up with it all. :tongue:
So Cincy, what is your perspective?


I may be remembering incorrectly, but in season one, I thought that Rose mentioned that her husband had gotten up to use the restroom in the rear of the plane right before the crash. Yet, in last night’s episode, we see that he was seat-belted in to a seat…???


Possible he may have been forced or voluntarily found the first seat to buckle up when the plane began to crash.


Hmmm. Good question.


My daughter said he probally took the seat of the druggie guy, I don’t know why I can’t remember his name right now. When Bernard came out of the restroom, his seat was free.


Oh, also that one guy said that the other guy (sorry I am really bad with names) was a bad person, that’s why he wasn’t on the list. Why do they want the good people?


I personally do not feel that they meant “good people” as in “those who are morally upstanding” - I think they mean “good people” for

a. their research
b. their purpose

Because Bernard, that blonde chick, and the girl who disappears all seem to be “good people” - along with Echo, and maybe even Ana Lucia (deep, deep down, of course)

Also, both groups were infiltrated by “the others”.

This really furthers my opinion that this is all part of some scientific thing. I’m positive the Dharma group is STILL watching from afar, (or maybe not so far) and is orchestrating all of this. THe plane crash, etc.


Speaking of the people being taken. The first night when people were being taken and Mr. Echo killed the “Others” - was he being taken, or was he trying to protect those who were?

Ooooohh! What an interesting plot twist this could be! A US Soldier from Desert Storm vs. one of the Iraqi Republican guard having old demons surfacing - especially since she killed his love. Then again, it was an accident that Shannon got killed - it’s not like Anna was shooting at Shannon. She was just trying to protect herself and the group from whatever it could be running through the jungle.

EDIT: I just thought of another thing - aren’t they at day 42 of being on the island?