Lost 3/22/06


Pretty good episode - Last scene was great! And can I just say “I LOVE SUN and JIN”!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:


This is all really random, so bear with me.

I am going to LMAO if Sun got knocked up by Michael. There was always something about those 2… :whistling

And where is Michael? Did they just give up on him? :huh:

Sun has terrible eyebrows. The funky base, they’re too short on the ends, strage.

Kate’s looking kinda tranny lately… :ninja:

Why are they carrying their guns in their pants? Dude… you built a raft… you built homes… etc… MAKE A HOLSTER!

I love the way they set up the next episode - I knew we weren’t going to see the result of the search. So is this going to be Zeke’s Others? Or what?


Wow! what a great episode! I also love Sun and Jin, especially nice Jin. And the previews for next week? I can hardly wait!


they are stranded on an island, it’s not a fashion show! Heehee! I thought it was really good! I missed a lot of it because I was trying to set up my email box, it took me like an hour and a half!! I can’t wait til next week, that one looks really good!!


I don’t think Ive seen you? Welcome! Maybe you joined when I was at Disneyland?


Oh, hush. :glare: OK, so maybe they don’t have tweezers for Sun’s brows, but they can still make a gun holster! Sheesh, rip up and use one of those tarps they seem to have an abundance of…

Henry’s ‘Got Milk’ thing still doesn’t beat Zeke’s 'Light ‘em up!’…


As a poor, pitiful West coast girl I waited ALL night to post on this thread and had to hold myself back and try not to read what happened…

Well if they have a pregnancy test for Sun, then why not tweezers? I spent half the episode pondering whey they had that…

It was good. I loved the part when Ana-Lucia wanted the gun and she Sayid totally faked her out and gave it to Charlie…burn!


The episdode was ok, not my favorite. The last few minutes was the best part of the show. It felt like a teaser episode to get us ready for next week’s show, which looks very suspenseful.


I totally agree. For once I have nothing to comment on. It was just eh. :sad:


I was hoping someone would have posted a translation to what Bernard and Sawyer were saying. You know when they congratulated Jin, and they made it seem like the 2 were speaking in another language. I’m willing to bet that there’s a message there that just needs to be backmasked or something.


I still think Henry Gale is an Other. The fact that there was a balloon does not convince me he is telling the truth. I think that balloon is either (1) From Desmond’s race around the world or (2) a balloon used to drop supplies to replenish the food and medical supplies.


I keep hearing this around the “water cooler” here at work this morning. I don’t know. It would be kinda funny, but I think it’s the island. Locke experienced the miracle of getting his ability to walk back, so maybe Sun and Jin are now experiencing a miracle?

I think that they were just trying to show Jin’s point of view, and what things sound like to him since he doesn’t understand. It was probably nothing of great importance.

Okay, I’ll cut it here. I don’t want my buddy Kip to think I’m picking on her comments. :wink:


Sawyer even commented that “this aint no drug store”. I find the idea that they had a pregnancy test crazy :wacko: !That is just not something that you would find someone carrying onto a plane. I spent half the night being ticked about that. :dry:

I agree with the island miracle theory. :tongue:


Yeah, the miracle would make more sense. I would just enjoy the Jerry Springer aspect of Michael being the baby daddy. :tongue:

I bet people are totally going to town trying to figure out if there’s anything in it though. I figured it was just showing the language barrier. It makes sense that they wouldn’t make something so obvious a clue. If I can catch it, it must be too obvious. :dry:

Oh, and don’t worry - critique my comments all you want. :wub:


I agree…who would travel with that?!


:frowning: I missed the last part of last nights show. I saw it up to Jake telling Sun that those pregancy test were usually right. but yeah …kinda odd there would be a pregancy test in Sawyers stash.


I found it hysterical that Sawyer was reading “Are you there god? It’s me Margaret.”


I don’t think Ive seen you? Welcome! Maybe you joined when I was at Disneyland?

Yes, I am new. I found DC while I was searching for tips about the College Program. I sort of just jumped into the conversation, hope that’s ok!


Welcome Rosebud!


Yeah, and those HUGE glasses made it even better!