Lost 3/29


If you have plans this evening and are planning on taping tonight’s show and watching it at a later date, I would advise that you don’t. You are going to want to watch this one live.


Okay, I want to know how you always know stuff? Do you work for ABC?


I’m so looking forward to tonight’s episode!


Friends in low places!


Okay, since I’m a really nosey person, that just makes me want to know even more!!


Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!


Is Tivo-ing and watching it starting at 9:20 ok? :huh:


That would be ideal since you could skip the commercials.


This is the ONLY way to watch TV!


dang it! I have water polo practice when it starts :pinch:


And I was going to record it and go to bed early! Thanks for ruining my plans Cincy! :pinch:

Oh well, staying up for Lost is worth it! :happy:


Now THAT’S an excuse you don’t hear everyday! :tongue:


That is the only way I do watch TV! Tivo is the greatest invention ever!


Haha! That’s totally what I was thinking!!


John Henry was a steel driving man…


What a show. It started slow in the beginning but we finally got some answers.

Did you notice?
(1) The Safety Deposit Box was number 1516.
(2) The Airplanes that flew over the Motel were Oceanic Planes.
(3) Locke inspected the home of Sayid’s girlfriend.
(4) What is up with that Mural that Locke saw on the ceiling when the lights went out? I saw a ? in the center and that is the title of an upcoming show. I thought it was weird that a show was titled “?”. I thought that it was just unnamed, now we know better.
(5) Locke’s father is the real Sawyer.

(1) Henry Gale appears to be an other… Could he be THE OTHER… the “Him” that Zeke referred to.
(2) Will Locke now loose the use of his legs again?
(3) Who did Hurley see in the preview? The Bald Guy that ran by. Could this be “Dave”. The title of the next Hurley episode is “Dave.”
(4) Where is Michael and Walt. We have not seen them in a while?
(5) Will we ever find out why Locke was in a wheel chair?


Does anyone know what happened to the caves? There used to be a camp of people there? Did they move back to the beach.

I think what Locke say was a map of the hatches on the island. Did Henry Gale push the button or did the timer actually run out then start over?


The caves are still there. It is still there source for drinking water. I think Jack, Jin and Sun were all staying in the caves along with some Redshirts.

“Henry Gale” said he pushed the button, but I think he did more than enter the code. I think he knew how to open the doors. Do you think it odd that Locke only had to tell him the numbers 1 time?


I thought that was odd too. I wouldn’t be able to remember the numbers that quickly.


Where did you catch that Locke’s father name was Sawyer?