Lost 5/24/06


Thought I’d start the LOST thread for a change. Oh no! LOST is a 2-hour season finale, as is American Idol - at the same time. I can tape LOST, as DD will not let me watch it if American Idol is on, but my new favorite show is on at the same time (Big Love on HBO). So, my plan is to watch American Idol, tape LOST, and catch Big Love on Friday.

Anybody want ot start the LOST discussion?


:tongue: I think you just did! :tongue:

I’m just hoping I get to watch it tonight. DH has to work a lot, and we’d like to watch it together.


This episode is sooooooooooo good…isn;t it good GoofFather!!! OOOPS! Sorry Mr. West Coaster! :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:


Not bad, but I was expecting more. Since it still is not over on the west coast, I will wait until tomorrow to post more.


No, Cincy! Post NOW! Those wacky west-coasters know better than to read this thread!


I thought it was great! I wasn’t expecting more because…ummmm…they NEVER give us too much! :dry: :wink: I was on the edge of my seat the whole time - then again, I am a big geek! :tongue:


Nite Nite Erin, I have to go to work in the morning and you went to Epcot without me again.

Penny for your thoughts!


Two words - Awe-Some! :eek:




OK - did anyone notice my goof??? I mentioned the 2 hour finale was the same time as Americna Idol. Well, I taped from 8-10pm (I was asleep by 9:00). Woke up and couldn’t sleep so I figured I’d watch LOST. Fast Forward through the first hour of re-cap, caught the 2nd hour and then no last hour - I only taped the first half of the 2 hour finale!!!

I’m going to have to watch it via the web tonight. So, I’m ignoring this thread until then. But, the first half was awesome! What is with that 4-toed foot statute? And Libby’s boat!


Let me start by saying I loved the reference to the Greek/Roman Statue. It reminds me of the Colossus of Rhodes that was destroyed by an earthquake and then shipped off by camels. I kept waiting to see the other foot on the opposite side of the bay.

Also on the same theme, we were introduced to Penelope (Penny for your thoughts). In the book The Odyssey, Penelope is waiting for Odysseus (Desmond) for 20 years. Will it take 17 more years for them to be reunited again.

The Numbers ; Desmond needed 4 US dollars to get his coffee and then asked Libby for $42,000 for a boat.

I loved the look that Jack and Kate gave each other.


I wonder what that look meant?

The foot kinda freaked me out. Do you think it will take another 17 years?

That electromagnet…kinda scary. Why didn’t Desmond tell him to begin with?

Are Locke, Desmond, and Eko dead?

Why isn’t Charlie SAYING anything? Well, he probably thinks no one will believe him.

How did Penelope KNOW to look for an electromagnet signal?

Do you think Michael will really get rescued? Does the number 365 have significance? That’s the compass bearing he had to follow? Is there only one way out of that magnetic forcefield?

Or did Desmond get brought back from that one time that the numbers were allowed to roll. (The time Henry Gale saw them - and, why didn’t the magnet act ugly then?)

Who ARE those people?!?! Are they victims of the experiment gone bad? NOw they run the show?

There’s definitely some pyscic stuff going on. How did they appear invisible??


DH thinks that Michael will have a change of heart, and come back to rescue Sawyer, Kate, and Jack…we’ll see!


I had a feeling Henry played a bigger part in the Others than just some random guy that got caught in a net. I’ll bet he got caught on purpose to go check things out…

I think the big guy (Tom, as it turns out) needs to put the beard back on - he looks better with it. And it’s interesting that he would be so quick to take it off just because Kate knew and that Henry would be bothered by it being off.

I guess Kelvin felt so bad about making Sayid a toturer that he signed up for the Hanso Project to try to help humanity.

So many things, so many things…I can’t wait for next season! :biggrin:


I love summer, but it will be a long summer without Lost.

In the very last scene that lasted for only a few seconds, they showed the beach with things flying onto the beach and the ocean. I wasn’t sure if this was a goof by our local station or not. Did everyone else see this too? Was it just a quick flash back when the plane crashed in season one, or did the electromagnet pull down another plane and this was just a quick teaser for the next season?


I saw that also and was wondering what it was. A piece had some writing on it, I need to watch my dvr to find out what the message was.


Since they are done filming, I do not know anything that WILL happen, so these are my opinions.


:frowning: I feel asleep and missed everything after the foot


haha!!! I didn’t watch lost either, but I did watch American Idol!!! Wink wink


Much appreciated.

To elaborate on the “invisible” people - when Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer were captured, I didn’t see anyone. THey were invisible.

and then they appeared.