Lost a thread....can anyone help....?


Am I not looking in the right area? I can’t seem to find the “Who’s going to WDW?” thread. I thought it was a sticky thread, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere, so that I can add my dates to it for October. Can someone help me find it?


i think it is in mousetrap?


oh! when in October? we are going then too! we’ll be there 10/20-10/29, staying offsite. so excited!!


ooohh…let me go look again.
Thanks :wub:


October 1st - 8th :wub:


Emamasa…it was in Mousetrap. Thank you. I guess I overlooked it before. :redface:
Thank you!


my pleasure! good to know i can still help - it’s been forever since i’ve been around MB! :slight_smile:



This should help