Lost item recovery


We just returned from a wonderful week at WL, but halfway through our trip housekeeping accidentally took our son’s beloved teddy bear when they changed the sheets. I received a rather cold reply at the guest services desk, where I was simply given a claim form to fill out (they say they’ll mail it to us if found). Upon seeing a housekeeper in the hall, she gave both of our kids a new stuffed bear, but of course nothing can replace the original. Now at home our son asks about the mail several times a day!

Has anyone had any experience with this? What else can I do? Does Disney have a central “lost & found”? Worst case I’ll have to find an identical bear on ebay and try to re-create it…


Disney does have a central lost and found that is weird they didnt give you the number to call let me see if I can find it


What do you mean “re-create” it?!?! OMG, please don’t do this! The teddy bear is a PERSON. Your son already has a new bear to form a relationship with. No bear is ever going to replace the bear that he lost!! I assume that you would not lie to your child saying a bear you got off eBay was the one that he knew, so to present him with an identical looking bear that is not his bear would be the same as if someone would take your son and offer you a different child who looked just like him and expect you to be 100% o.k. with that!! It’s not the same thing. I really really hope that he gets his bear back. This is such a terrible thing to have happen on what was supposed to be such a happy occasion! I can’t believe how horrible this is. Please, discuss this with your son before you do anything!!! It isn’t worth the hassle to you of scouring eBay nor cause any more emotional pain to him by doing something you think will make him happy which really will not. Maybe he didn’t feel that way about his bear and is fine as is. But if he’s this anxiously checking the mail, it doesn’t seem that way.

As for lost and found, from what I understand there is a central lost and found for EVERYWHERE where they catalog all items. People have had very good luck getting lost things back. But… I would write whoever was so short with you a very nasty letter. It’s not like a lost pair of sunglasses or even camera. It’s a lost SOMEONE!!


Actually, I re-created this bear once already, several years ago (he was then 4 years old) when he lost it in the mall. I spent hours squishing it and staining it to match his original, then took him back to the mall, gave the bear to lost & found (without him noticing), then came back and “found” his bear. All of this was done weeks after the original loss, since he could no longer sleep at night and would wake up crying looking for it. The replacement received just as much love as the original, and he never suspected the switch. But now that he’s older (7), I’m not sure I can pull off the ruse. I agree the bear is a person to him, but that person lives in his imagination, so if I can replace the physical representation without his knowledge, I do not see the problem?


I have never use this number but I believe it is for WDW lost and found~~(407)-824-4245. (It may be for MGM Studios but they may be able to get you a different number) I would call and see if it has made it to central lost and found.

We have had to replace a lost toy and have had very good luck. My DS has several important items that we could replace with a little work and he would be just fine.


Good luck, I hope you find your son’s bear, it is very sad that he is lost:(


This is the number for cent. L&F. I know b/c when we were there in May DH was bitten by a dog the morning we left home to go to PO-FQ . His hand was so swolen after stiches his wedding ring didn’t fit. I was keeping it on my finger but lost is sometime during wishes and could not find it in the dark. Anyway… When I called to see if they found it, they told me to call every day for a week . If they had not found it by then then it was baisicly gone. So I did call for 2 weeks, but it was never found. I was sad but we did replace it. I hope you have better luck then I did. At least it was not your fault the bear was lost :redface:


Was Mr. Bear ever found??


No, at this point I’ve given up that it will ever be found. So now I’m busy re-manufacturing “her” since my son is behaving much like he did the last time this happened - he cries every night before going to sleep, and asks he to call them again and have them search the room again. I have a new bear from ebay, and I’m busy hitting it with a sledge hammer to break down the foam and rubbing it in dirt and washing it to recreate the color. Soon I’ll tell him “White Bear” has been found and is in the mail. I hope he buys the ruse!


The phone number for Disney Lost and Found is 407-824-4245. They are very hard to get ahold of though.

My son has a stuffed eeyore that is his prize possession. We were afraid eventually it would be left behind someplace since he brings it everywhere. We bought him 2 of the exact same stuffed eeyores and let him have them so they would be “broken in” already if something ever happened. And to this day…he still prefers the original eeyore. He can tell the difference. And all three are broken in, soft, have his scent, etc. I think your heart is definitely in the right place but I think your son is still going to know that isnt the real “white bear”. Maybe you should just tell him the original bear loved disney so much he wanted to stay there and this new bear wanted to come live with you while the original bear was on vacation.

Hope it works out…



We did this with a pooh bear too!!! And yes she still prefers the original pooh bear and can tell the difference too!!! Weird huh???


I’m sorry. I know how heartbreaking this is - but I just can’t help but laugh at the thought of you abusing this poor bear with a sledge hammer! I hope for your’s and your son’s sakes that it works. I suppose, technically, we should be honest with our children, but your a mother… I would probably do the same thing. Don’t give up hope. I once left a skirt I had bought in Orlando in a bag at OKW. I called, with no luck. But then a month later they called me to say it had been found. So, who knows. We’ll blow some pixie dust your way. :mickey:


Hi all,
I once lost a real nice gold mens braclet at Typhoon L. and of course, it never showed up in Central Lost and Found…
On the Teddy bear issue, we once lost my DS’s (at that time about 3) favorite stuffed little elephant. Now, being 6, his favorite little guy is his favorite Beanie Dog (fetcher), He has had it for years, well I was in the mall awhile back, during a sidewalk sale, and came across another one…I bought just incase. You never know…