Lost Season 2 Update


We have another new show tonight. Here is the schedule as best I can tell.

3/22 Episode 2.16 “The Whole Truth”
3/29 Episode 2.17 “Lockdown”
4/5 Episode 2.18 “Dave” And no Bella, it is not “THE DAVE”
4/12 Repeat
4/19 No show do to a 2 hr Alias
4/26 Episode 2.19 “S.O.S.”
5/3 Episode 2.20
5/10 Episode 2.21
5/17 Episode 2.22
5/24 Episodes 2.23 and 2.24 2HR Season 2 Finale


Thanks Cincy! Looking forward to tonight’s NEW episode!


Thanks Cincy! THANK GOD the 2 hour Season Finale isn’t when we are in Disney! I would have had to change some things around for that! :tongue:


Wow, too cool! Thanks! I’m glad they are having quite a few new ones before the season finale.


Thank GOD for new shows!!! I was getting sick and tired of the repeats…from season 1, no less!!! :dry:


YEAH! What was up with that? Were we supposed to watch it for clues or something? :huh:


HAHA…I was thinking the SAME thing!!!

Can’t wait to watch tonights episode…how was it???


I liked it!!! Why aren’t you watching? :huh: :heart:


I was watching Idol…I was a little upset, so I needed a few minutes to compose myself. I’m going to watch it in a few minutes!!! :tongue:


I am so dissapointed that every night isn’t 2 hours! :tongue: :wink:


So Cincy, got a question for you.

Are we going to see Michael again this season?

Are we going to see Walt this season?