Lost Tickets


We purchased park hoppers last year and now can’t seem to find them. I made a photocopy of the backs when I bought them. Will Disney replace these? How do I go about this? If they replace them, does it cost? How long does it take? Thanks. We are wanting to go into the park this Friday.


Disney is under no obligation to replace your lost tickets but they often will anyway if you have the proper numbers,etc. from the cards. Just go to a ticket window at guest services and ask.


Yup. I too lost some old park hoppers. I took the photocopy up to a guest relations window and they brought me back brand new copies of my tickets.

Making copies was one of the best hints I ever picked up on the boards!


I’ve never heard the “no obligation” line for lost tickets IF you can provide a photo copies of the tickets. Because they can pull up the numbers in the computer and verify the number of days left on them.

Also, this can ONLY be done at a park’s guest services window or TTC. You can’t call and give the numbers over the phone. You have to be there in person.

BTW, Davery, very smart thinking! I preach that little tidbit from time to time on this forum. And last trip it paid off when I left DS’ ticket in a FP machine at Epcot and didn’t realize it until we were at the gate for MK the next morning. The photo copy saved buying a new ticket in the middle of the trip!