Lost track of DVC guide...what to do?


In less than a year the number of guides I’ve been passed off to has risen to up 6 or 7. I got a call from my most recent one when I was in the middle of buying my first house, so of course at the time I didn’t have the money to add on. Well the sellers messed up the deal BIG time and short of the long story is I’m not buying a house at all. On the bright side this frees me up to do my add on. I was thinking of 50 or so points. Only problem…I don’t remember who the last ‘guide’ was that called. Um, what should I do?


Wait a minute, I am confused. How were you able to ‘pass off’ 6 or 7 guides already? Aren’t you a member? Once you are a member you should be obligated to do all your add-ons, etc. with your guide.

In any case, they have your information in the computer system.


I just re-read your first post & are you saying they that they’ve passed YOU on to 6-7 other guides?!?! If so that’s INSANITY, I’ve never heard of such a thing! What happened to all the others? If you call though they will look up your name & see who you are linked to.


My initial guide was a man…a month later a woman called and said she was my new guide. A few months later another woman called and said she was taking over for the first woman, who got sick. A month later a third woman called and said she was my new guide. By this point I was just laughing each time I got a dvc phone call. I think by this point I was around Xmas because I told them I had a Feb trip planned and I’d be over to see them. Well, that was the trip my sister got REALLY sick, so it never happened (and were staying at SSR!). It’s been really ridiculous…so I stopped writing down their names and info because it kept changing.


That is INSANITY! I’ve never heard of such a thing! My dude has been there since Day 1 when OKW opened & I thought a lot of them stick around long term so I am surprised. Anyway, good luck! They’ll have your information in the computer.


I’m on my 2nd guide, but it’s been years. My first is doing QC work for DVC now. Six or so in a year is nuts.


Well, the first guy seemed new and not that in the know. For example, I told him that I travel mailing in July and August so he said a Dec use year would be perfect…well I just realized it’s not. I really need a Sept use year (so that I can really book 11 months ahead. I can only book 8 months ahead now). The second person got sick, so the the third was a temporary guide. I don’t think the second person ever came back so all of her people (myself included) got passed off on someone else.


Use year aren’t as big of deal in my opinion. The key is 11 months prior to check in. You just have to make points available to use or borrow. The points are taken from the year that the reservation falls in. You don’t actually have to have them in your current year to book. For example, if you are out of your current (2009) use year points, and won’t get anymore unit 10 months from now (2010), and you want to want to book a stay 11 months from now they will take them from the 2010 points, even though you don’t actually HAVE those points to use yet. You WILL have them when the reservation rolls around.

It’s not a hard as it seems reading all of the DVC members handbook. :laugh: