I know we have some Lostie’s on here…has anyone been watching latley?

I have to say the Desmond episode two weeks ago was (in my opinion) the best episode ever and tonights episode was up there as well. This is turning out to be a great season.

I didn’t see this tonight (spoiler) but Dave said that on Jin’s grave it had his death date as Sept. 22nd 2004…did anyone else see that?
If they are in fact still alive and they are faking that everyone is still dead other than the six how do you think they’re going to explain Jin getting pregnant?
Also, I knew Michael was coming back but I loveeeeeeeeedd that he’s “the guy on the ship”.
And, next week it looks like someone “big” is going to die! I am tired of people dying already.

Anyways, Dave and I were talking today about our Top 5 Favorite Characters on Lost and I was interested to know what MBers Top 5 are.
It was a lot harder than I thought but mine are:

  1. Desmond
  2. Hurley
  3. Sun/Jin (I view them as a combo and could not split them up)
  4. Charlie
  5. Claire


I like the POP up episodes too. We usually have them on because there is nothing we on that we like at 8:00 but it’s really just background noise!

Dave would like me to include his list:

  1. Locke
  2. Sawyer
  3. Hurley
  4. Ben
  5. Desmond

Does anyone look at this list and think The Dave might have a bag guy complex?


We love this show too! Thursday is our TV night; first Survivor, then Lost. I agree that Desmonds episode was the BEST yet…at times I thought my husband was going to jump off the couch. My fav’s are: Desmond, Kate and Charlie. We’re still tyring to figure out the Oceanic Six, this is what we came up with: Jack, Kate, Hurly, Sun, Jin and Aaron. We’re assuming Claire’s baby is the Aaron they’re talking about, remember in Kate’s episode at the end she called the baby Aaron; so I wonder what happens to Claire. Also remember that Jack said he wasn’t ready to see the baby - did he perhaps have something to do with Claire not making it off the Island??? This show really keeps you in suspense - it’s just GREAT TV.


Top 5

Jack(I just :heart: matt fox)


The last of the 6 was reveled tonight…they are Hurley, Jack, Kate, Aaron (I am assuming he counts as part of the 6), Sayid and Sun.

My assumption is that Jack probably felt remorse about something that happens on the island. Plus Aaron is technically Jack’s nephew…but I don’t know if he knows that.


Did she say Aaron or did she say ERIC?? I watched it like 10x tonight and each time I’m not sure??? What about Jin . . . was the Panda a before or after the crash flashback? Gosh I LOVE this show . . . I think this is the best season yet!!


Jin was having a flashback, Sun was a flash forward. The way they did it, we were to assume that they were both flash forwards. Note though that Jin was very angry and violent in his Flashback unlike how he has been on the island.

There were two sets of dates on the tombstone. They appeared to be photo shopped on the marker. DW and I assumed that the left half of the marker was for Sun because it only had one set of dates. On the right side of the marker it had two sets of dates and yes one of them was 9/22/04. I don’t remember the other dates, but we did notice that Sun was born in 1980 and Jin in 1974.

I will see if I can get a screen cap of the stone.


I really thought I heard “Eric” as well. Of course, that is my son’s name, so I could have been missing that last consonant. :blink:


Oh my gosh I love this show but I am not so observant on the little stuff Dh said watch its going to be Walt I said no its Michael and sure enought it was Michael Michael is the mole on the boat wow… I love lost but I just want answers already … gosh darn it …


Here you go.

Hard to read at this size, but on the left you have 1980 3 and 20
on the right 1974 11 and 27 and the second set of numbers are 2004 9 and 22.

The plane was to have crashed 9/22/2004.


oh my gosh, I’m so excited there is a lost thread again! There used to be one after every episode last year, maybe? I just can’t believe that Michael is the mole. Ben supposedly “let him go home”, but if he is on the ship as Ben’s spy, I guess he didn’t get very far??
I want to know what the rescuers are really up to. Soo many questions keep coming up, and I need some answers! I love this show, but it drives me nuts:wacko:


I am glad that I was not the only confused with the flashbacks and flashfowards together. Again it was a great episode. I had a feeling that was going to be Micheal on the boat.
My Fav Lost Characters:


oh I forgot to tell you my favorite characters
1 Sawyer
2 Charlie
3 Kate
4 Jin / Sun ( I also think of them as going together
5 Hurley …


Do you all think that Jin is really dead, or do you think he stayed on the island for some reason? That monument could have been put in place for the “staged” plane crash victims that they were talking about. Sun said (at the monument) that she missed him, but maybe she misses him because he is still on the island?


Yah, I noticed Sun never said he was dead or anything. She just missed him. It is very very tricky this whole flash forward business!
I am assuming the grave contains the “fake Jin” that was put in the “fake” Oceanic 815. I think all the people on the island that aren’t the 6 are still alive and being held there for some reason.
And yes, Kate said Aaron. As in Claire’s Aaron. The episode in which the flash forwards were had a lot of Claire and Aaron and how uncomfortable Kate was around him. I am assuming that was pretty good foreshadowing.


Which makes you wonder what happens to Claire for her to let Aaron go with Kate. Kate would not be my first choice for a potential guardian for my kids. Heck… I would have picked Hurley over Kate.

I believe that Jin is still allive and he put Sun on the Chopper or Boat or whatever gets them off so that she would not die.


I also wonder why Kate would WANT to go back. It would make more sense for Claire and Aaron to go back and for Kate to stay on the island. Obviously something happens to Claire and there is some sort of cover-up because honestly how did Kate end up on a plane (not pregnant or not visibly pregnant) and come home with a few month old baby? Questions Questions.

I feel like the beginning of last season the writers had no clue where they were going but once they were given that 24 episodes left deadline then they stepped on their game and finally figure out whats going to happen.


I also believe that Jin is still alive…maybe claire is the one that is killed next week.


you are ONE HUNDRED percent sure it’s Aaron . . . I’ll go with ya, but it sounds like ERIC to me!! :blink: Doesn’t she think she is pregs with Sawyers baby? And her Mom said she wanted to see her “grandchild” before she died???

I dunno . . . that’s the best part of this show . . . keeps you guessing with good surprises . . . PLUS I guess this was per Hurley going back to the ward huh?

There was also a mention of “what a father would do to protect his child” so I am sure once they floated away they were recaptured and Michael was put on that ship . . . he was so stone faced wasn’t he?

Anyway . . . love this show . . . and LOVE this thread . . . :heart:


I know she said Aaron. I read a few other Lost boards and articles and stuff and the consensus seems to be she said Aaron. I can only assume it’s Clarie’s Aaron She was also calling him her son and claiming to everyone that it was her son…and she is not close to her mother. Therefore, if she had to lie to everyone and claim that Aaron was hers her mother wouldn’t have known it wasn’t her grandson. But also, something could have happened to Claire and Aaron and Kate named her son in honor of them…who knows. Yet another mystery lost has to solve.