Lots of downed trees along WDW roadways


I made a quick trip to Epcot on Friday to buy the latest quarterly passholder pin, my first visit to the parks since Hurricane Charley, and was surprised at the number of trees that were down on the resort property.

I was at Epcot for only a few minutes, and went no deeper into the park than Pin Central, but I didn’t see any discernible damage to the park itself. There were a couple of downed trees in the landscaped area leading up to the ticket booths.

The real damage that I saw was along the entry roads leading up to Epcot. Large swaths of trees had been felled in many places, as if some giant scythe had chopped them down. I suppose since so much of the WDW property is undeveloped forest and scrub, it’s only natural that a lot of trees would have been hit. After reading reports of how little damage had been done at the parks, though, I wasn’t expecting so many trees to have been uprooted.


Wow!! If I go a week from Monday,I wonder how much I’ll see. I hope they get the trees cleaned up soon.