Lots of paperwork in the mail today


We received all kinds of paperwork for our cruise today. Luggage tags and things to fill out for customs. Feels like this trip is just around the corner, yikes IT IS just around the corner. Guess I will have to try to read everything in between package wrapping!

I will say this. I really wish I had used Mouseketrips now :pinch: ! I could use a little hand holding as the amount of stuff is getting a bit overwhelming :eek: . Oh well, that’s why I married someone smarter then me! :angel:


Yay for you!!! You must be getting very excited. I’m so happy for you and your family:)


So excited for you! You’ll have to give a trip report when you get back. My wife and I are thinking about taking the kids on a Disney Cruise but would like to hear what others think about the cruise first. Bon Voyage! :mickey:


That is how men get thru life :laugh:

Good luck with all that paper work…you’ll need a vacation by the time you get it done.


Oooh, I’m so excited for you!! We have 100 days to go before our Spring Break cruise - which will be our first. Can’t wait to hear how it is.

Ssjaz, we will be sure to let you know also. We are from Westfield and have found out that at least 1 other family from here is going on our same cruise and also someone from Anderson. :mickey:


I still can’t believe I talked my DW into this trip. I was supposed to wait two more years until youngest DD goes off to college. But the cruise part of the trip convinced Linda that it was a “different” vacation.


Yeah…that worked for my dad when he “used” that explanation on my mom :tongue: Good for you :happy: I just know you are gonna have a great time :wink:


Have a blast! I was sold on Disney cruises when I saw what they had to offer on the Travel Channel, top of the line!! I will be planning a cruise myself soon.


Oh harry~ How exciting…about the trip and documents, not the hassle of paperwork. I am reallt getting excited about your trip for you and can’t wait to hear about it when you get home.