Love bugs @ the parks


Has anyone seen any love bugs yet? I know it’s that time of year.


Some people are reporting seeing them in May. From what I have read they are pretty heavy during the month of Sept.


We just see them in our Sept trip.


I saw them last May,but not till the end of my trip. I didn’t see any when I was there in Sept.


So far, nothing but a buncha skeeters buzzing around. Will let ya’ll know when I start to get a mouthfull.


Last year we were in Tampa from May 24th - 27th. We went over to Orlando and they were bad in both cities. The rental car was covered by the time we turned it back in.


Saw them last May and HATE THEM! I will avoid May from now on for that very reason!


We went in Sept 06 and I do not recall them being bad at the park . . . but the rental car had tons on it.


Seen them 2 yrs ago begin of May.Had them stuck to the front of the car untill late June.What a great souvenir.


Oh shoot!! That’s when we’re going next!! I hate those little buggers! Any tips on keeping them at bay?


ok, may seem silly , but… what’s a love bug? Being that I am going in Sept and I HATE bugs :eek: … ooh, I’m all “crawly” :pinch: just thinking about it.


ps… and they have such a nice name “love bugs”, ahhhh, how sweet, no? NO, swarms of bugs? not sweet!


Here is the wiki on them:
Love bug - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You will come to hate them - don’t let the name fool you. They are very pesky, and hang around the pool area at the resorts.


I think I saw two singles last week, but no swarms, or even pairs.


Last sept., they were really bad. They had my toddler screaming! They were just everywhere. hope they are not so bad this year.


ok, well, I’m all “crawly” again :dry: , but thanks for the information!



There were barely any last May or the one before when I was there. But Sept - oy! They are many in Sept.


I was there last Sept dont remember seeing any…in 06 we saw lots ****…


We were there last Sept and we didn’t see any at all. I think Sept 06 was the very bad love bug time. Keeping our fingers crossed for a love bug free Sept 08.


eeewwww I hate these things! I pray that they wont be around during my trip in August. I don’t like bugs but my daughter is 10 times worse than me for them! Don’t want anything to spoil my trip. I so need a break!!


They weren’t too bad when we went at the end of Sept last year. They don’t bite or sting. They just fly around, and they do occasionally land on you. They kind of look like a small lightning bug, if you ask me, but they are usually paired together, lets just say, in a “tail to tail” fashion. :eek: