Love the pretzel bread


We noticed in June 09 and August 09 that CRT does not have the pretzel bread anymore just regular rolls!!! LeCellier still serves it. Does anyone know what other restaurants serve this type of bread? Our kids just love it.


I’m pretty sure only Le Cellier has pretzel bread. Haven’t seen it on any other menu.


Doesn’t that bakery in POFQ have pretzel bread? I think it does.


Biergarten has it too!


Which means I had it in May and forgot.


I don’t know about POFQ, don’t ever remember seeing it there.


:ohmy: forgettable bread?


More like I could have been eating Alpo because I was with good friends I hadn’t seen since 91.


Mmmm, pretzel bread dipped in cheddar cheese soup! That is the perfect comfort food! I need to get me some!


We had it at Biergarten in June, LOVE the pretzel bread too!


anyone know if this is true? We’re staying at POFQ in Nov.


Oh love those kind of dinners, heehee
Alpo :laugh: