Love this internet radio channel


Live365 Internet Radio Network - Music Online, Free Web Radio

I am not sure if anyone has ever found this site or listened to any of these Disney-related internet radio sites but they are awesome.


And this is the best! MouseWorld Radio: Music from Disney World Theme Parks, Attractions & Resorts


Aww thanks for the link. I don’t want to listen to Disney music live, but I love getting the showtunes. :happy:


I listen to that one at work all the time because it’s the only one they haven’t blocked. Wish I could get but they’ve blocked it like most other radio websites. I love theme park music in the background!


Also Try these crowd fovorites:;;;;;


It’s funny though because it still advertises for Pleasure Island and Virgian Store


I don’t have internet access at work, or a radio. God bless smart phones tho!! I listen to the Disney Channel that’s on Pandra. It cycles the same 25 or so songs, but I don’t mind lol


I love It is awsome.


I was on that site yesterday, and listened to it all morning-it had MK main street music-wish I could have bought it!


Which site were you on?


I was on mouse world radio through live 365… for free-for hours. I was unpacking my house and I needed a little music in here… It totally made my day!


Don’t you just ;love disney music when you are working. It makes things alot more pleasent.


That is so true… It made me so happy- just like when I am first entering the magic kingdom… It truly is a happy place-for all of us kids (even though we now have our own…)


Since I found Jukebox | Disney Theme Park Music and Community of Tomorrow it’s the only thing I listen to at work. Today I was listening to the Jungle Cruise area loop. I know everyone thinks I’m crazy since I kept laughing out loud at the “announcements”.


I bought a cd that has the ride music on it last time I was at the World. When ds passed his math class, which was touch and go for a while, when he walked into the room, I blasted the music from Sorin and yelled out “You’re free to Sor!” Their music is just a part of what’s special about Disney.


I agree, but I think it is a huge part of what is special… We play it all the time around here…


Love Live365!!! My day always starts out better with I can listen to the Main Street MK loop. After that, any Disney park music is good. My boss likes to give me grief for listening to “mouse music” in my office but he hasn’t made me stop :cool:


I listen to Sorcerer Radio whenever I think of it and need a fix. After doing some minimal diggingg, I’ve also found some of those songs on itunes (the carribean and new age stuff) and they’re on my ipod now!