Lovemysons how could you?


ok …the title … I wanted this to be an attention getter. I put it in Mouse Trap because I want anyone who is not a member of DC but thinks they might want to join … see this.

thank you is so weak … but Thank you never the less. I walked out to the mail box and there is a letter …mmmm now it is too early for a christmas card from you …so what is this … I am walking back to the house and opening … mickey’s are falling out !!! Of course I am trying to capture them … can’t have Mickey’s blowing away … and there is the sweetest card of encouragement… (how come ya’ll all have such beautiful hand writing and I write like a dr.?) I started to get misty … and I think …“gotta run in and get on DC and let her know I got it and say thanks” … but I think too … wow … I am so lucky …so is everyone else that is a part of DC … some one thought of me …someone special …took time out to write me and it was not the first time… or first person from DC to do this … and if they took the time to make me feel this great …she must really be the best of the best … if only she were next door or at least down the street… I often think of ya’ll that way … wish you were just a doorbell away.
I have nothing to be sad about …everything to be glad about … because someone special thinks of me :heart: cares about me … and that is why I wanted this thank you in Mouse Trap … new people and lurkers should know …just how special DC members are. You are not just some stranger here … at least not unless you want to be … DC is Ohana in every sense of the word.

Lovemyson’s … how could you be so sweet and wonderful?


:crying: (sniff sniff) That was so sweet! :crying:


Oh my…I knew she was nice, but…wow.


Aw, she is a sweety! I am so glad you had a ray of light today Tink!


It’s nice to see people reaching out to others, a simple kind act being shared. This really is a wonderful online community.

I feel good that you had some magic today tinkerbell, and I feel good knowing that lims sent it.


Geez, lims, you had to go and make her cry, didn’t ya?

You are a sweetie!!! :heart:


Oh Tink! When I first saw the title of the thread I thought what did I do now? :crying: :heart:

So glad you got the note. I couldn’t agree more about what a wonderful site this is. The people here, our little DC community, are just some of the kindest people out there. I truly feel lucky to have gotten to know all of you. And I am so glad I brought a smile to your face today Tink! :heart:


LIMS you rock. :heart:


What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do! :heart: People here are some of the greatest! :heart: :heart:


Awwww, these are the sweetest people here!!! What a nice story! Thanks for sharing!


This is so very special. A “Magical Moment” :mickey:


yes … a Magical Moment that has already lasted for hours …
lovemysons you could do no wrong … and I confess I wanted to get you attention grin …as Dana said You Rock !!! :flowers: again thank you so much. while most people think money matters the most …time is what really is priceless and when people like Lovemysons, Erin, Dana and soooooo many other take time to think of you… well they are spending gold !!!


Hooray for the fun and friendly spirit of DC! :biggrin: :mickey:

Good show lims! :biggrin:


Yay, LIMS! You rock!


Awww - so nice. Those really are magic moments. And what a lovely post, Tinkerbell! That was so thoughtful of you LMS - and with a sick guinea pig and everything!


That’s what makes this site so great, there are so many sweet, caring people here. Way to go LMS!!