Lovemysons made me think


ok …so between lovemysons poll about ADR’s and jo-jo’s Grandma’s going to WDW … I have been thinking … as I posted on lovemysons poll, DH had assumed I had already booked a trip to WDW … soooooooo maybe I should :laugh: why …well for one thing … I got an increase spending limit on one of my cc’s … they just always seem to be daring me :ph34r: another good reason… avoid dr’s and any possible surgery for a little while longer


Hey Tink I think that’s a good idea! Why not? :happy:


I say go for it!!! I mean…he already assumed that you did…so…DO IT!


Oh, PLEASE book a trip, because if I got to meet you in person, my whole entire year would be complete! :wub: :happy:


So what are your dates??? Remember there is a passholder discount!!!

I know you would love to get there for Dixie, but if you can’t…think end of sept…You and Erin and I could do a happy dance:wub: :wub:


Yes Please GO!!!


It would be awesome to meet up with you again!!!


Yes yes yes! You should. By the way,I hate it when I get increases on my cc, it is definitely like they are daring me to use it!


Omg !! that is so totally me … I opened my citi card statement and noticed this huge increase… and I thought “they want me to use this card” …it’s like a dare … we dare you to get into this much debt!! I am going back and forth about this …only problem …DH now thinks it is best if I get my arm taken care of first and formost (I dont know who told him he was allowed to think)
so how do I back out of that? If I decided to go …it would be the last of Aug-first of Sept. I thought …get out the old videos … and he fell asleep :frowning: not a good sign.


Well…that just means you’ll have to go the last of Sept, firt of August, and come hang with me and Jo-Jo!!!


Wake him up!