Lovin' the New Site!


Great job, “Mickey”!! It looks great!!! :mickey:


I love it! It’s so cool!


Wow!!! Now I’m lost…hahahaha!
Just kiddin’ Great work Mickey:)


I just logged on, and I thought I screwed up somewhere! When I first clicked on DC in my favorites, I said “MouseBuzz”? What th’? So I tried it again, and lo and behold, It’s all new! I think its cool! A special “wink” to the color choice for the logo!:happy:


Oh yes! It’s so bright and colorful. You don’t notice the lack of color until you see something bright like this.

Very nice.


I really, really like the new site. The name too! :slight_smile:
I looove this color red, it’s so vibrant and cool. Kudos to Mickey!


Don’t laugh at me, but I really like the buttons, too.
And the site seems to be very fast :huh: Not sure why, maybe I’m just excited, lol.


i love the new site and i miss the old disneycentral.:mickey:


[B]This is so great!!!

Best news yet: All our old DC pins are now very exclusive COLLECTORS ITEMS!!!:biggrin: [/B]


Love the new site!


My goodness I thought it was me. I said “Man I typed this right, went to my history, yeah I can still spell” I then scrolled down and saw a thread about it. I love my DC friends, I knew there would be a thread to guide me in the right direction.


Holy smokes… This place is so fancy… I’m totally diggin it… But wait… We can’t call it “DC” anymore… We aren’t “DC’ers” anymore… This is a little overwhelming… :eek:

Ok…so maybe it’s not that bad… But it is a little weird. I LOVE the new logo… So this is now “MouseBuzz…” Pretty cool…


It’ll always be DC in my heart.


Bravo Mickey! Bravo!


Will we now be “Buzzers?” :laugh: Nah, we’ll always be DCers!:heart: :wub:


Im always up for a nice Buzz- especially one caused by the “ears”-OOOOOH YEAHHHHHH!:laugh:


I have that feeling you get when you move into a new house! I love this place!


Very well done! I am so addicted to this site.


It’s a illness, we all have it here!:laugh:


I don’t know where to look first! This is the most excitement I’ve had since I posted my countdown - wait - where IS my countdown??:ohmy: