Low Calorie Meals at WDW


I know WDW is not exactly the capitol for low cal meals, but any suggestions would be helpful. Do you have a favorite low cal meal at a particular restaurant?


Yeah, the fruit and veggies carts. :tongue: hehe, that’s about it! Do they even HAVE those any more? I haven’t seen them for awhile but I remember always stopping by the one in Liberty Square, MK and the one in MGM at the market near ToT and RnR.

Otherwise, I think you can DEFINATELY ask your server for substitutions in meals, etc… I think I’ve read that most Disney restaurant can accomodate most dietary needs.


Oh I am on Weight Watchers so of course I know where low cal foods are

they have fruit cups and fresh fruit everywhere

Buffets have lots of low cal stuff
Ceral I believe oatmeal and Crystalpalace in the mornings has a chef making omelettes and you can ask for egg whites or egg beaters there

Buffets have some sort of chicken or fish and Have peel and eat shrimp at night
they also have lots of veggies and salads

here is another helpful hint

My dh and I share meals that way we get things we like but less of it instead of fries you can get carrots unless they changed it back to grapes then you can get grapes

Here are some examples of us sharing

Cheesburgers we get double ones ask for an extra bun and walah we have our own hamburger or we even share just one in half and share the fries ( we are not carrot people

AK - Flametree has a great bbq chicken or even tusker house has chicken
Pizzasafari - we share one pizza and then get side salads

they also have veggie burgers lots of places
I have lost over 50 pounds and I let myself splurge at the world because of all the walking I know I can eat a little more than I usually do and I either stay the same weight or lose a little


here is a link to wdw menus to help you choose where and what you think you can find for you diet



Flametree at Animal Kingdom has a yummy BBQ Chicken salad!!



And a great fruit plate!


Oh yeah…I forgot about the fruit plate! :happy:


Actually, over the years WDW has offered a lot more healthy choices than they use to. The tuna sandwich at Columbia Harbour House is excellent and you can get carrot sticks with it - take off the top toast and have it open-faced. I’m not a fan of them - but the smoked turkey legs available in every park are also a good choice. Tusker House has an excellent rotisserie chicken. And remember - you’ll be doing a ton of walking while you’re there - so treat yourself once in a while too.


Peco’s Bills has an EXCELLENT salad and chicken wrap. I’m sure neither are considered LOW LOW calorie or fat, but definitely better than the alternative hamburger!


Anytime a dish comes with fries, you can substitute another option - like carrot sticks or a fruit cup. When we were there last we got tired of fries after a few meals, and asked. Most times it worked immediately. Once or twice we had to aks for a manager, and just asking usually did the trick.


Ahem, llama, you KNOW that I love those doggone turkey legs!!! I wish I had one right now, for breakfast, in fact! Mmmmmmm… great with that morning cup of coffee or even as a midnight snack! :tongue:

Seriously, the turkey legs are great and good for Atkins dieters, too. But if you have a problem with sodium (I do! My fingers get puffy!), you might want to take it easy on the turkey legs… they are injected with salt water before cooking, which makes them delicious and tender, but really sodium-y!


EWWWWW! :laugh: For breakfast? :noo: And your fingers would be too greasy to hold the coffee cup. :tongue:

You’re right about the sodium. I didn’t think of that.


Guys, EVERYTHING is low calorie…even FAT FREE…when vacationing at WDW!!! :wink: (don’t we WISH!!! :angel: )