Low Carb


I have a Q for those of you who have gone to the parks recently. Has anyone seen new entries at the fast food type restaurants that would be low carb? I figure with the low carb craze that WDW may have picked up on it. Please let me know.


I didn’t notice any meals specifically labeled low carb, if that is what you mean. Most places offer burgers, hotdogs,etc. as well as salads. If you don’t eat the bun but load up at the fixins bar on lettuce,tomato, etc. you’d make out all right. I’d be careful about the salad unless you order it without dressing and bring your own low carb dressing or use mayo from the fixins bar. I think the dressings are pretty sweet, so they would have mucho carbs. Hot dogs would be okay, even with sauerkraut, use the bun as a holder, don’t eat it. Sit down restaurants would have a variety of entrees available, just ask the server to hold the gravy,sauce ,etc.


Here is a good article about low carb dining at WDW. Hope it helps.