Low numbers for January


I read this on another site.

Just in from the WDTC … projected WDW resort occupancy for the month: 35%.

Now you know why all those cuts have been made, all those offers are in the pipeline and why so many CMs won’t be having happy holidays.

Just an FYI, but most hotels and resorts don’t make money until they sell out 60% of their rooms and Disney is used to load levels in the 80s most months.

I’m not sure if this is true or not, but with the obvious recession that we’ve been in and all of the promos that WDW has been offering for Q1 of 2009, it sounds like it could be true.
This isn’t good for WDW in general, but for those of us going in Jan '09, it could certainly turn out to be really nice with lower crowds.

I’m still checking for “room only” discounts and flight fares every day hoping that some super deals show up soon.


I wouldnt be suprised if this is true. January is usually pretty dead after marathon weekend anyways and I would imagine this year will be worse. Enjoy it all you January vacationers!!


I hate to be happy about that, but I am. I was afraid that with all the deals going on, that we would be fighting crowds.


Anyone know what they are saying for occupancy this month? We have never went at the begining of Dec- I cancelled the Jan trip for a great discount in Dec.
Keeping my fingers crossed that it is not too busy!


I second that!:laugh:


[QUOTE=zoey9797;909607]Anyone know what they are saying for occupancy this month? We have never went at the begining of Dec- I cancelled the Jan trip for a great discount in Dec.
Keeping my fingers crossed that it is not too busy![/QUOTE]

Decembers monthly rate will be skewed by the Christmas rush when it is 100% – I’ll call someone and see if the new chart is out at work yet and let ya know.


I’ll tell you what…the time we went in January it was amazingly slow! It was the first time we went together and we were spoiled! I remember getting a FP for TOT then standing in the standby line for 5 minutes…rode the ride. By the time we were done it was time our FP window. Got in the FP line. No one was in either line so the CM told us to switch to the standby line and keep our FP’s…rode the ride. Did standby again no wait and then finally went and did something else for a few minutes. Came back later that night and finally used our FP’s.
This was really early Jan too like the 6th or 7th. I really miss being able to go that time of year.


I’ll be in Disneyland late January, I am expecting REALLY low crowds. When I called to make a reservation less than 2 weeks ago Member Service said, “we have plenty of availability, where do you want to stay?” WOW, I am used to going to Disneyland in May/June and you MUST call DVC member services at 7 months out if you want a specific room category. We scored the Grand Californian with a Downtown Disney view, and it’s only 50 days away.


I have given up on room only discounts! Hate to hear it for Disney but am looking forward to short lines. The countdown to Jan 7th continues!


Have not looked at my countdown in awhile. FIVE WEEKS! I remember when it was 350 days!


Well, I hate to admit it, :redface: but we scheduled January just for the opportunity to see what the parks look like with what may be their lowest crowds. It seems that this year may be REALLY low. Sorry to admit it, I guess, :blush: but now I’m looking forward to “minimum” sized lines.

And gas prices dropping like a rock helps too!

:ohmy: Imagine, those evil oil companies dropping gas prices 50% right before the big holiday travel season!?!? :dry:


I, too, will admit that I only want to go when crowds are lowest. I truely believe in getting the most for my money…even at WDW.

I’ve been during Spring Break which was a nightmare compared to Sept and early Dec. But it sounds like even those typical “low” times of year were starting to change. I say “were” because now that this recession has been made official, I think more and more people will tighten their wallets until the economy gets better. When that will be? That’s anyone’s guess.


Here’s what may be more formal information on this topic.

Jimm Hill : Monday Mouse Watch : Could a slow holiday shopping season translate into a very scary New Year for the Walt Disney World Resort?

Copied text in case the link dies.

Monday Mouse Watch : Could a slow holiday shopping season translate into a very scary New Year for the Walt Disney World Resort?
According to Jim Hill, the Mouse is rolling out incentives as it cuts back Cast Members hours. As WDW gets ready for what looks to be an incredibly lean 2009

Ho Ho Ho ! Give Us More of Your Dough !

That’s the none-too-subtle message that the Mouse has been trying to get across to both Disney World Cast Members as well as Guests these past few weeks. With retail spending levels at the Resort being 'way off this holiday season, Mickey’s doing everything he can to encourage people to open their wallets over the next few weeks.

For Cast Members, this means that Mickey has just extended their 50%-off-Christmas-shopping-privileges 'til December 13th. Not to mention giving these very same employees a 40% discount should they opt to have a holiday meal at a Resort restaurant like Olivia’s Café and Shutters.

For WDW Guests … Well, if you dine at one of WDW’s finer character dining establishments over the next few weeks, at the end of your meal – along with your bill – you’ll be present with a coupon for an absolutely free WDW lithograph.

So what’s the catch? The only place you can go on property to claim your free litho is a shop deep inside Downtown Disney. Which (Mickey hopes) you’ll do some additional shopping at once you’ve parked your car and hiked all the way into WDW’s retail / entertainment district in order to reach that store.

Mind you, Disney World isn’t the only part of the Mouse House that’s now trotting out additional shopping incentives. Remember last week how I mentioned that Disney Theatrical was doing everything in its power to compell consumers to buy tickets to its Broadway shows? Well, this morning at 10 a.m., Mickey is rolling out yet another promotion. Which – if you buy a full-priced seat for one of Disney’s musicals – will then allow you to take a child 18 and under along with you to that show for free.

There is – of course – a catch. In that, in order to take advantage of Disney on Broadway’s Kids Go Free offer, you must buy your tickets by December 13th. Which – not-so-co-incidentally – is when that shopping extension for WDW Cast Members run out.

Getting back to Walt Disney World … There are some very scary rumors currently making the rounds about how far down advance reservations for the Resort are for the month of January. According to one Disney insider that I spoke with late late week, to date only 35% of the resort’s available room nights have been booked for the coming month.

Should this rumor prove to be true … Well, you can expect the Mouse to roll out some pretty spectacular packages as we get closer & closer to January. With Disney doing whatever it can to put some heads in beds in those 32,000 hotel rooms that it now owns & operates on property.

Meanwhile – to in order to keep costs down at the Resort in the coming year – Mickey’s cut hours for the formerly full-time Cast Members at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort (These folks now only work 32 hours a week). Not to mention putting the brakes to bringing back Mickey’s Pirate & Princess Party at the Magic Kingdom during the first half of 2009.

And then when you add in all of the salaried employees who have been told by their WDW managers that lay-offs are a very distinct possibility for 2009 … It’s just not shaping up to be a very Happy New Year at the Walt Disney World Resort.

But what about you folks? Have you already made plans to travel down to WDW in 2009? Or are you still waiting to see what other incentives the Mouse trots out?

Your thoughts?



Rats. I will be there for the marathon, but they are always pretty busy then. Course, they are a lot less busy than last year. We couldn’t find a single room anywhere except in the Boardwalk last year.


yes, I was SHOCKED as I tried to book a CM discounted room for a friend over marathon weekend like two weeks ago and there were still three choices! CM rooms are HUGELY limited and I am pretty sure last year during marathon weekend they were blacked out. Hopefully it will be uncrowded for you DDoll. Of course, when you come in first place you want lots of people to be there watching. … :happy: