Luau st the Poly


Could you all share your thoughts on the Luau…we have never been and are thinking of seeing it this time around…most likely we will be on the Deluxe Dining Plan…myself, my husband and two girls 11 and 8.
Is it a MUST see or should we pass?? We will also be staying at the Poly so the convenience is a plus…


We had a great time, but it was a do once thing for us and we love the Poly and Hawaii. If I had to choose, I would pick Ohana’s over the Luau.


LOVED the luau.:heart: We went our last night and what a way to end the vacation. DS-12 and DD-9 also loved it. DS is a picky eater and the server just kept giving him more hot dogs from the childrens menu. Food was very good. :closedeye Free beer and wine. :blush: The show was amazing. Kinda corney but very good. The fire guys are not to be missed.:heart:


Love the Luau, one of our must-do’s. Our kids love the show, the food is amazing, it makes for a really fun evening. Go for it!! You’ll love it!!


We really enjoyed this too. The food and the atmosphere is lovely, and the show is too. However, it is quite a ‘short’ show, and the whole evening doesn’t last too long.
Now we’ve done it I’m not sure we would do it again, but if you never have then I think you should.


We did NOT enjoy the luau.

We spent the entire evening wishing we were inside at Ohana instead.

Here is why:
We arrived to find ourselves in a holding pen with all the other diners (there are two seatings, so everyone does everything simultaneously). They were very forceful about taking photos, which they would aggressively hawk during the dinner. We were herded in, seated near the rear of the place, served courses in unison with the other tables, watched lackluster performances by blase hula dancers and fire jugglers, and then asked to hurry up and finish so they could clean the place for the second seating.
The food was average, the drinks were weak, and we kept thinking about how much we love the salad and barbecued meats, the cocktails, fireworks and games at Ohana. We found out later that the luau is not a Disney meal, but is contracted out. We felt no magic there, and the price tag was steep.

And that was my public service announcment for the day!


I’m with Miss Disney on this one. We went in 2008, we were on the front row so we didn’t miss anything. The food was ok but not nearly as good as other Disney shows. It was beyond corny, we did like the fire guys they were the only redeeming part….and this is from a family that loves the Hoop De Doo, so we are not too picky!

But you must do Kona for breakfast – my DH & DD rave about the Tonga Toast!


Oh my! ok, well, we didn’t pay as it was part of the DDP- and we had front row seats. I agree it isn’t the best dinner show around, but we had a good evening-I didn’t realise it was non-Disney related, however, surely Disney have an idea of the standard of entertainment they are booking for their guests- and must think it somewhat appropriate to charge the amount they do ( we would never paid that much- we only went cos it was free on the plan)


Honestly, even if we could do it as a free deluxe dinner, we’d choose elsewhere. I say this only because we feel that each moment at WDW is really valuable and we want to make every evening count. This was one of the very, very few evenings where we were disappointed, and I want to be entirely honest here.

I have read reviews by people who really enjoyed it. It’s just that we did not, and I don’t want anyone else to ever feel that they wasted a WDW evening on a disappointing experience.

The only other restaurant we have ever run into at WDW that we’d probably avoid in the future is Nine Dragons, if that gives you a way to measure our tastes.

If you are looking for a great evening with terrific food and the convenience of staying on property, Ohana and Kona Cafe are both wonderful! Good luck with your decision!


[QUOTE=mickeysgirl44;1013321]Could you all share your thoughts on the Luau…we have never been and are thinking of seeing it this time around…most likely we will be on the Deluxe Dining Plan…myself, my husband and two girls 11 and 8.
Is it a MUST see or should we pass?? We will also be staying at the Poly so the convenience is a plus…[/QUOTE]

This show usually books up really quick and can be quite difficult to get into…that should give you some feedback as to the popularity of the show. I am a stong believer that you should try everything in Disney once, don’t just rely on others for opinions. You may miss out on something you love. Good luck!!


Mickey Mom is right that it is a popular show, and you should try lots of things at WDW. And you do have it as a free option as part of your plan.

However, I think that a WDW vacation is so valuable that it’s really important to plan, plan, plan. And part of that is getting as much feedback as you can before making a decision about resorts, restaurants, etc. That’s the value of these MB forums – a collection of opinions that you can weigh, both pro and con, so that you make the best decisions for your family and make the most of your time and investment.


Thank You ALL! It’s true that your time is so valuable at Disney and you want to make sure each moment counts!! Thanks for all the opinions…I do want to explore a little before booking any reservations! We do love Ohana so the thought of wishing we were there while being at the Luau would stink!!


I really enjoyed the Luau. I say everyone should do it once. I would not repeat it, but I would not repeat the castle dinner either.

The food was excellent and sooo much.

Food at Ohanas is also excellent. It is a must do for every trip.


Have you thought about Hoop Dee Doo at Fort Wilderness?


We do like the Hoop Dee Doo and will definately go back to that! Thanks!!


I agree with most that the Luau is must do once but usually is enough


We have done it twice, but I won’t go again. I believe it uses 2 dinner credits per person as well (I could be wrong). The show is cute (a little cheesy, but cute) and the food was just ok.


Luau = Yuck!
Hoop De Doo = foot-stompin, hand clappin’ belly bustin’ great fun~ It’s a no-brainer for us.


We did this in 08 and it was a great show. However, we were on the front row/center and it was about 95 outside and we roasted. But, we were the lucky ones. If you walked back under the awning to the 2nd/3rd row, it was at least 110-115 in there. UNBELIEVABLY hot. The food was decent, the entertainment great, and it was our anniversary so they had us in the show. Tons of fun! But, if we had to sit in the back, one of us would have suffered heat stroke.