Lucky ducks!


A friend of my husband’s just returned from his wedding/honeymoon in Disney!! They booked GF for their wedding night and were upgraded to concierge!! Then, when they went back to POP for the remainder if their stay they were upgraded to WL!!! I wonder if this is because it was their wedding or luck of the draw??? I would love an upgrade on our trip next month!!!:laugh:


Wow! Those are great upgrades!

I would guess that they do have something to do with the wedding/honeymoon. I think they usually prioritize upgrades, starting with people celebrating special events. And then those with odd lengths of stays also have a good chance. If they were staying just one night for their honeymoon, then it’s a good chance they just happened to have an opening in concierge for just one night. I know Mickeysgirlz got upgraded from Pop to OKW when she was staying just one night in February.


That would be too cool to get an upgrade like that…one can only hope.


What a great upgrade. I don’t think it has anything to do with their status as newly weds. I have heard of something like that before. Someone here reported that a while back. Lucky ducks is right! :happy:


Wow! Thats wonderful. I would love to be upgraded to Polly from Pop but again I DO want to try POP out.


WOW lucky them!!! And how much more special for them that it was during their wedding/honeymoon trip! :wub:

I would love to be upgraded one day… that’s the only way I’ll get to those fancy hotels. :laugh: