Lucky Number 7!


Hey! I just looked at my countdown and I’m at 7 days to go! I don’t know how I missed my single digit dance on day 9, so I’m doing it now!!!

Leaving on Saturday for my annual Me, Mom and Sister trip! Staying at Villas of Wilderness Lodge for the first time.

Let the Giggles begin!!!:laugh:


We will be 8 days behind you. Have a great time.


Have a great trip! We are headed to Saratoga Springs today! :slight_smile:


Wow! That came around fast! You guys are going to have such a great time! Love Wilderness Lodge!


Wait!!! Take me, I’ll sleep in the tub. I still have 2 days left on my mug.

Have a great trip everyone. :happy:


Have agreat trip Beth, and I hope you do a trip report so we can hear all about it.


[QUOTE=jo-jo;1138711]Wait!!! Take me, I’ll sleep in the tub. I still have 2 days left on my mug.

Now Jo Jo, you’ve already slept in the bathroom with your “tummy trouble” trip. You are more than welcome to come, but I’m going to keep you away from the bathroom as an extra bedroom!!!:laugh:


Have a wonderful trip. I hope the crowds are low and the weather beautiful.



I was talking to my DIL about the trip and she didn’t realize I had gotten sick too. I told her yes, for three days we saw a lot of that room. She said Oh so it was like a bed and breakfast. My DH said “Yeah, I was stuck in bed and you threw up breakfast”. :blow: :laugh::laugh:

At least I can smile about it now.


LIKE! Have a great time!


Thanks for everyone’s well wishes. I finished packing yesterday (except for the last minute stuff). I keep looking at the suitcase, as there is still room in there, and I keep telling myself I have to be missing something!


Lots of money???

You always need that at disney.


Have a great trip!! Can’t wait to hear all about it, and take lots of pictures to share!!!


Have a great trip and enjoy …nothing like that feeling when the countdown clock nears ZERO


I am now at Lucky #7 (or so my countdown says).