Lucky The Dinosaur


Going to wdw Dec 2007, can anyone tell me if Lucky will be there or where he is


I believe he is now in Hong Kong


I have heard that Lucky is now retired, he didn’t do so well in HK (as far as his material being out in the sun, etc.). Whichever reason, I’m not sure he’s coming back.



I dunno… I started a “Where’s Lucky” thread a while back. I think we concluded that he’s getting worked on… Not sure, I shall find it.

I’m a rather upset, though, considering I never got to meet Lucky. I had the worst luck! When I was at WDW, he was at DLR. When I was at DLR, he was visiting AK!!! Arg. :pirate:


We were “lucky” enough to see him a couple years ago at AK. I need to find that photo.


From everything I’ve read, he’s done. But who knows? The Muppets are heading to HK I believe, I don’t expect to ever see Lucky again. But you just never can say never.