Lucky the dinosaur?


is lucky the dinosaur still around? any info about when/where would be greatly appreciated! thanks!!


Wasn’t Lucky shipped to Tokyo or some other far away Disney resort?


Here’s what I found. I googled it :wink:

Lucky the Dinosaur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


[QUOTE=Dopey;915637]Here’s what I found. I googled it :wink:

Lucky the Dinosaur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/QUOTE]

The funniest part of that article is the picture and when it was taken.
On June 11, 2005, I was in Disneyland celebrating two 50 year olds’ birthdays.
(Mine and Disneyland’s).
And I ain’t never seen Lucky!


I never saw it - seems like Luck had a very short stint at WDW.

I did see the Muppet Mobile Lab about a year ago - very cool.

Muppet Mobile Lab - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Does anyone know if this is still around?


You know… I’d asked this question sometime last year. :laugh: I think we decided they took him to Tokyo Disney. Something about him wasn’t working right… technology just gets better and better, so seems like they’ve replaced him with the Muppets. Poor Lucky. I never got to meet him.


Both Lucky and the Muppet Lab are gone. Haven’t seen Lucky in years. Never did get to see muppet lab due to it being here so shortly.


Does this mean they’ve given up on this ‘technology’? One of the helpers for the Muppet Lab said they were hoping this would be a new type of character interaction for guests that they were testing out. I never saw Lucky but did see Bunsen and Beaker and everyone seemed to really like them.


I highly doubt they’ve given up. Think of the 2 creations as prototypes and tests. Now that they know they work they can start to really advance the work.


He came from Tokyo . . . I can’t remember where he was going. We saw him in Dinoland a few years ago . . . I’ll have to dig up the pictures. It was very cool!


thanks for the info everyone! too bad, it would be cool to see him.