Luggage Assistance at The Pop


I was wondering how it worked.

Is it only for people with special needs?

If not, can I drop my bags at the front, and will they take them to our room for us?

If not, do they have one of those buggy thingies?


The do have the buggy things…that’s what we’ve always used. I’ve never seen anyone having their luggage delivered, but that doesn’t mean anything. I’ll be there in 14 days – if I remember I’ll find out for you!!


Thanks! THe only reason I’ll need it to be delivered is if my room isn’t ready when I arrive - so, I’m sure they’ll take care of it in that case.

THanks for the help, Alllyyyyyyyysssssssonnnnnnnnn


Hi Erin. I LOVE the new signature. :happy:

At the Pop and I believe all the Values, they WILL take your bags, but on their schedule.

If the room isn’t ready, they’ll take your bags to a storage area and then they will magically appear in your room by the time you get back.

Even if your room IS ready when you check-in, if you’d rather just hop off to the parks, it works the same. They’ll bring them up eventually, more likely than not, well before you get back to your room.

I LOVE the Pop Century. I bet you’ll have fun.

In fact, I KNOW you’ll have fun. :mickey:


Thanks, Merlin - I love my sig, too :wub:

Thanks for the info - I was hoping we could drop and run, ya know?

We love the Pop, too! :heart:


I’m sure you can drop and run. I’m just not sure they’ll necessarily be in your room by the time you get back! LOL.

But I know they’ll definitely take your bags for you if you want to hit the road running.


Okay, first you want one particular ole’ room, now you want someone else to tote your luggage! Would you like breakfast brought up every morning as well?:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Yes, do I direct my order to you?


I know at POR, if you’re room isn’t ready, they will keep your luggage for you. However, they don’t deliver it to the room until you call bell service and tell them that you’re there. I would think it’s the same for all the resorts.


Well, I don’t know, because at the Values the website says they do it on ‘their schedule’ - meaning, they take all the bags for ALL guests at certain times in the day…

Prolly, at moderates, you get a little more personal service. :happy:


I’ll be darn. Shows you how much I know. :huh:


Well, I do make a very good breakfast.:smile:


Excellent. I will have one of eggs and two of bacon. Thank you.


That was my sole complaint about CBR.

When we checked in, we wanted to clean up a bit after our trip. So, they took us to our rooms in one van and the luggage in another.

We had to wait nearly 45 minutes for our bags. :angry: The pain in the neck was that it was raining, so it wasn’t like we could go out and walk around. AND, DGM and DGP had never been to the Studios, so we were eager to leave.

Typically though, all the resorts do a pretty good job with baggage.


Ugh. That woulda made me crrrrrranky. :angry: