Luggage I.D. question


Has anyone had a problem with putting their I.D. (name & address) on their luggage? My mother insists you never do that because the airport staff will know you’re away & rob your home while you are gone. BUT you have to put your ID somewhere? Inside the suitcase? Also, my mother states you can’t put locks on your suitcase anymore. Is this true? :ohmy::confused:


I’ve never put any ID in or on my luggage. But LOL at the idea of airport staff robbing your home.

And yeah, last time I flew we were asked if our luggage had locks, and one girl was told to remove them, or the airport/TSA/whatever would remove them for her.


Hehe, that’s exactly the reason we don’t put the address there. Only our cell phone numbers

The only locks you’re allowed to use are TSA approved locks


I should really not put my address on mine anymore!
I’m going to switch it to cell phone number.


Do you put your name & cell number OR just your cell?


We always put our name on them… but I like the idea of our cell phones much better!


Definitely put only a TSA approved lock! I used a suitcase with a built-in lock one time, and they broke it!!

I put big Mickey tags on our luggages with our first name or nickname, with the first letter of our last name on ours with a big sharpie, and then our cell number…that’s it. I know it sounds hilarious that these people will come loot the house, but I get a bit paranoid over that.


I put my name on it too.


I too am a Name and Cell phone # only on the luggage.

Regarding the locks…

I bring them with me so when we arrive at out destination I can put them on for when the bags are checked with the bell desk etc.



Most airlines REQUIRE you to put identification on your luggage now. It’s a security issue…what if there was something “bad” in the suitcase??? No one is going to rob you…Mom sounds a tad paranoid.:laugh: She is right. You can’t put locks on the suitcase. Really, I have flown to WDW MANy times and have never had a issue with my house being robbed or my stuff in my suitcase being stolen. Who wants my underwear anyway?:laugh:


[QUOTE=lisalovesmickey;880091]I too am a Name and Cell phone # only on the luggage.

Regarding the locks…

I bring them with me so when we arrive at out destination I can put them on for when the bags are checked with the bell desk etc.

Oh now THAT is a great idea. You never know what goes on behind the scenes, even at Disney. I will remember that.


I’ve always put luggage tags with my name and address on it. Definately no locks!

I put my address on in case my luggage gets lost on the way home - they will ship it UPS to your home. (This has happened to me before).

Also, I do think you are required to put ID on all luggage now. I never worried about the baggage handlers robbing my house as they see 1000s of pieces of luggage a day. If that was the case then I should also worry about my DD teachers, coaches, my newspaper carrier, my mailman, the UPS man, coworkers, etc… who know that I am going away.

Just make sure the house is locked tight, you leave lights on and have someone like a neighbor keep an eye on your house.


Oooh I never thought of that! That is a good idea!


Hmmmm I’ve always put our name, address and phone number on the tag and never had a problem. Never really cared to be honest with you. I bought TSA approved locks for our bags but I never put anything valuable in there anyway.


I live far enought away from the airport that I really don’t think we have to worry. If they want to drive 2+ hours then they’ve earned what ever they take.

I put a typed paper IN my luggage so it’s there if needed. I use a big font and make it bold so it’s easy to see what it is. I just leave the papers in my bags between trips so I don’t have to do it every time. Each paper is half a sheet of paper and I put two in each, one in the front pocket and on in the bag.


Interesting - we have TSA approved locks that we’re about to use. According to the TSA site, it’s OK to use them. Ours are less for security (anything valuable should be in the carry on) and more to make sure the luggage doesn’t open. We have a strap, too!


I also thought you HAD to have ID on your bags. We have used the TSA locks many times and no problems, including having our bags searched a few times. But we used them mostly just to help keep the bags close. Anybody could slice the bag quicker than dealing with a lock if they wanted to take something.


Thanks for all your input. I also thought about that; if my luggage is lost then how will they get it to me if there’s no address. You really have to put it on there. Many times I don’t check my cell phone messages either. I don’t really know anyone that’s ever been robbed while away. My two cats will stratch the robbers away…:laugh:


I always put name, address, and cell phone # on the luggage tag and also on the inside of the suitcase. The cell phone# is so they can call me if the baggage is lost while I am on vacation. I don’t use locks. No problems so far with this. We pack anything valuable in the carry on luggage. Writing this just reminded me -one of my family members carries only her Victoria Secrets in her carry on backpack. Her reasoning is the “secrets” are expensive to replace - more so than what is packed in the checked luggage.:blush:


You really need ID on your bags. Will many bags looking alike, it is imperative. We have our name and phone number only on each bag. The locks have to be TSA approved. Two years ago, we had Mickey locks on the bags and they broke them off:crying::crying::crying: They don’t even have respect for the mouse!!