Luggage locks


Ok-it has been forever since I have traveled via plane. Everyone has been telling me that if you put a lock on your suitcase, and it is randomly picked for security screening- they will just cut it off and toss it. My question is-I spotted some luggage locks at Target, that say that they are approved by someone big :laugh: (maybe the FAA?:confused: )that have a universal lock or some other way that security can unlock it, search your bag and then put the lock back on your bag. Has anyone else heard of this or tried one? Any opinions?


Wish I could help more, but what I CAN tell you is this: the last time I had a lock on my suitcase, it was one that the Powers That Be could open and then replace…but it wasn’t replaced. It was taped to a card and left inside my suitcase.

Don’t know if that’s changed, or if it was just that particular airport’s screeners, but ever since then I haven’t bothered. I haven’t had anything stolen or damaged for want of a lock. I always keep valuables with me when I travel, but unlocked bags haven’t been a problem for me.


I personally don’t bother with the locks and have never had a problem. Yes, my luggage has been searched by TSA, nothing has ever been missing out of it. I feel like the locks are only a prevention for honest people, meaning that if someone wants something out of your luggage, they will either steal the entire bag or break the lock off anyway. The locks I’ve used in the past, way before 9/11, were easy to break into anyway, so now I just don’t bother. I’m probably in the minority, but that’s just my feeling. I carry anything valuable on me.


Looks like Voldy and I were posting at the same time and also think alike!


Yes it does!

GMTA. :happy:


The only time I have used the locks is when I go on a cruise and the bags will be left in a giant warehouse and then out in the hallways of the ship.

Otherwise, I don’t bother with them. I assume the ones that come with the suitcases are the ones the TSA people can get in with universal keys.


I know that in my area if they do the search of the luggage and it’s locked they will cut it off so we just use twist ties and have never had a problem. Just twist it is a different way so you will know if someone was in


We never lock the bags… if we have valuable stuff, we take a carry-on.
Now that you mention it, though, we hardly ever have valuables! LOL


I can not help you with the specific locks you are looking at but I can add that coming home from California… our entire luggage was checked!! They had a tip that drugs were being smuggled and their was some connection with people traveling to/from disney… or posing as such…


Thank goodness I did not have the locks on. I DID have twisty ties on though… I always carry extra in case they cut those off. They work great at keeping your zippers from coming open. Although… they will not keep a thief out.


We have used the TSA approved locks (can’t think of the brand) for several yrs mostly to help keep the zippers closed. Our bags have been searched several times and the locks were fine. We did get the paper saying the bags were searched.


Sorry, can not help you with the TSA locks. I do have locks on the bags ( not actually locked, just looks that way). Tim got me Mickey locks a few years ago, and I just can not bear to take them off of the bags.


We have had the FAA/DHS open locks on our luggage for screening. They will cut open your lock and place it back inside your suitcase after they go through it. You will know for sure it was them because there is a little printed note they leave right on top of your stuff to let you know they were in there.

Last year I got the combination travel locks at target that also have a keyed lock on the bottom for FAA security. Apparently these are like global keys that the FAA/DHA can safely open your luggage, search whatever is necessary, and lock the luggage back up safely. They were pretty cheap at Target, I want to say like 2 bucks a piece. Well worth it to me.


BTW, just to add-

I’m not all that worried about someone stealing my stuff (who really wants someone else’s used underwear anyway, gross!), but in this day and age I like to make sure that nothing can be put inside my bag without my approval. That is why I always lock my luggage.


At Orlando International airport we were told no locks at all-any locked suitcase had the locks cut off (and we saw them do it) when we got home there was a letter in our case saying it had been taken for searching. This may only apply to International flights however I doubt that.


Locks MUST be the TSA approved locks. They have a master key that will open them, and they are SUPPOSED to lock them back.

They will cut locks if they are not TSA approved type.

There is a type now that has an indicator if you bag was opened by TSA.

While it is true that locks keep out honest people, theives also look for targets of opportunity. Why make you bag a more attractive target? Even so, carry the $tuff.


Just an FYI: we have used the plastic cable ties for our luggage. They come off quickly with scissors, but are impossible to remove without cutting. They’re really cheap too.


i know nothing about the locks…just a quick question

When they go through your luggage go they always put a note inside…because when i went last year someone definitely went through my bag but there was no note inside.


I don’t think there is any hard and fast rule you know. We locked all our cases, always do and they were still on there when we got them at either end. No problems at all. I had heard that they would cut them off but to be honest I decided that I would prefer my case to be locked when I handed it over then I know exactly where I am. If they were cut off once I had handed them over so be it but I like the feeling of my personal stuff being personal.
I think the silent word is that you should leave them unlocked but I really don’t think EVERY staff member adheres the rule.


Hey…that is a fantastic idea Ddoll…why have I never thought about this?! Brilliant!


That’s what we used both times, too. And we put extras in the front zipper pockets of the luggage. DS’s suitcase (go figure) was the only one that was entered. The note was inside and they put on a new cable tie! :happy: