Luggage tags


The mailman brought a Magical package with our final confirmations and Disney luggage tags!!! Here’s my question - 5 of the 8 in the group are using Disney transporation and 3 are renting a car. If we have luggage tags on all the bags will they all be delivered to the room or can we use the luggage tags (because they are cute) and pick up our bags for those that are renting a car.



Are talking about the yellow ME tags or the hard Disney tags with the castle on them? The hard plastic ones can be used on anything you want. I would be careful about using the yellow ME tags. The bags that you want to pick up could get picked up by Disney before you can pick them up at the airport. Maybe someone has done that and can tell you for sure.


Are these the yellow Magical Express tags or the plastic WDW tags?


They were the plastic tags, we did not get any yellow tags. I guess this comes in another envelope. My Disney shelf is getting full and it is lots of fun! Thanks for the quick reply - I was going to fed ex to the other parties now i’ll wait for the yellow tags and just send one package! thanks again


They will come in a packet like this:


And the luggage tags look like this. But they should have your name and your resort on them. Be sure to check them. :smile:


You should get the yellow tags 2-3 weeks before your trip. As long as the name of the person on the tag checks in with DME the luggage will get to the resort. We got 2 tags each and didn’t need to use all of them so if you have a couple of extra tags you could put them on some of the luggage belonging to the 3 people going in the rental car and it will get to the resort. However, if the person on the tag doesn’t check in with DME then the luggage won’t be sent to the resort.


Thank you! You guys are great - loved the pictures and yes we are all getting very excited… Look for lots more questions in the next 23 days!


I got my souvenier plastic luggage tags about a month ago, but just got my blindingly yellow DME tags last week. I travel on 1-21, and recieved my DCE tags around 1-4 which is earlier than I really expected them.


I noticed on the picture of the luggage tags that it says room# is your room # on them allready or does the resort do that when they get your bags?


Still have not got our ME luggage tags, 18 days away, hopefully soon.


Thanks for the pics R2G, I can’t wait to get my luggage tags in my Disney hire package.


Got mine today.
:tongue: :smile: :wink: :mickey:


Yea!! You are getting so close to your trip, are you packed yet?