Luggage tags


I came across this today…

thought i’d share!


Those are so cute! Thanks for sharing!


I loved all of this stuff, thanks for sharing!


There are so cute! I love all their printable stuff, I have the pocket guides that I carry in our backpack all the time.


What a cool site. Thanks!!!


Thanks for sharing. I found some Laminating Luggage Tags at Walmart and made some of our own for our first trip. We are still using them.


Cool, thanks! :cool: BTW, how do you join this site??? :huh:


I actually didn’t join.
You can print the tags out for free…

I got tags last year with my package thru disney travel company (i’m not sure if i’ll be getting them again this year) But since last year our address had changed so I printed these off and slipped the paper into the other tag (it’s holographic w/50th celebration on it).

You could probably pick up some laminating supplies and make a whole new tag!


those tags are adorable! I have downloaded all of them and saved them so I can have a major printing session-thank you


Awesome!! Thanks for the great link!! :cool: