Lunch at Chef Mickey's! That's right! LUNCH!


I have been calling twice a week to get an earlier time at Chef Mickey’s for the night of Sept. 29th (for MNSSHP). I have one one for 6:20, but I wanted it earlier so we wouldn’t miss a minute of the party.

Well, she said “I don’t have any for breakfast or dinner, but I have a bunch of seatings for lunch!!”

WHA?? LUNCH?!?!?! :happy: :wub:

Yes! Lunch! They opened it up because of the high volume of people! :eek: (Please let the influx in crowds JUST BE for the MNSSHP! PLEASE!)

So, now my ADR is for 2:30! It’s the same as the dinner menu! Same characters for dinner, too.

So, we can take a leisurely lunch, and go to the MK around 4:30!! :happy:

We won’t miss a minute of MNSSHP!

Oh, and I’m letting my 6:20 ADR go, if anyone wants it…we can coordinate it.


We have 4:30 at Coral Reef, I am hoping to get to MK by 6:30 pm


I wish you had your ADR for the 22nd and not the 29th. We’re stuck with Concourse Steakhouse. The 29th we’re eating up at the Cali Grill and eventually closing Epcot at midnight. Well, it was time to call anyway.


COOL!! :whistling What perfect timing!


You’ll have to RUSH your dinner…

I’m thinking…seated by 4:40…ordered by 4:50. Eat and done by 5:30 (rushed)…walk to monorail…it will be close to six…wait for monorail, ride to MK…I guess you might make it by 6:30! IT will be tight, and your dinner will be rushed, fo’ sho’.


Have fun closin’ up EPCOT! Are you just there for the day?

I loved the Concourse! I hope you enjoy it. WE thought it was great!


Totally! I was so excited when she told me! This makes our evening less stressful! :c)


That’s always good! :happy: Trying to race around like a chicken with its head cut off isn’t much fun. :pinch:


Not at all! I really wanted to be in the MK before MNSSHP started. So, this is just so beyond perfect for us!!! :wub:



Hooray! :happy: I’ll do a happy dance for you!


Cool! I hope it’s cheaper than dinner too.


We have the dining plan (FREE!) so, it doesn’t even matter! But, for anyone paying OOP, I hope it is! :wub:



Woohoooo! That indeed is very cool. I am jealous. But happy for you. I guess.


LOL, I love you, Limsy :wub:


oh boy! They are getting some serious dinners ADRs then. Well that I think is just the free dining program being utilized to the fullest. I really don’t think you are going to get the mega crowds that you would think that this means. Many people are catching on to that free dining…especially the people who normally go this time of year and didn’t know about it last trip and found out once down there. You are going to see many places just booked to the max. No worries now erin.


lunch at chef mickey’s…what a cool idea…


:wub: It’s SO perfect!! We are doing NOTHING all morning, except swimming at the Pop. So, will have a light breakfast, enjoy a big lunch, and grab a snack late at the MK!


I so totally can’t wait!


That is cool Erin. I hope that doesn’t mean the parks are going to be packed. We will be there at WDW the same week you are and I hope it is that everyone is using the dining plan to the max. Oh well, if it is, I am not going to care because I will be at Disney!!!


there seemed to be a lot more people waiting for restaurants this time than ever before. also, when we went to MK on sunday night (Extended hours), the park was packed like it was during the daytime…

very strange…


Ohhh, Angelgirlie. I am HOPING that crowds will not be wack. I’m SOOO totally hoping that the free dining is just packing the restaurants…and that’s it…


I’m thinking they only opened CM’s on this day was because of the MNSSHP…

Please, Disney crowd gods - let the crowds be light, and part like the Red Sea upon my arrival.

Thank you.