Lunch in Epcot?


Hi All,

If you had to pick one country to have a sitdown lunch in the Epcot World Showcase for a family with picky children, where would you pick? I need to make my ADR tomorrow. :dry:


England (Rose and Crown Pub); The American Pavillion only has counter service; and try Rose and Crown for Illuminations–you can’t get better views!


Le Cellier has burgers and stuff. Really expensive burgers, but burgers nonetheless. And good food for mom and dad.


I’d have to go with LeCellier. Their lunch menu looks pretty good. I’ve eaten lunch in France and I enjoyed it - but with kids, maybe not so much.


Le Cellier for us, too. Our kids love it and one of them is VERY PICKEY! He loves WDW chicken strips, though!

DH and I usually split an entree and then we each get a bowl of our favorite soups and they always have that wonderful pretzel bread! Yummy!


I wouldn’t worry about the kids if they’re young. They always have kids menu choices available for them. I say go where YOU want to eat! If you like Mexican, go there, if you want Chinese,…well, you know. :wink:


Picky children? Save your bucks for dinner and eat lunch at the American pavilion. Good hamburgers, hot dogs, etc., and you can have a beer.


My kids are pretty picky, and they both liked the Fish and CHips in England. They also liked Le Cellier. They both commented on how much the liked the fish and chips the best at Rose and Crown, so if I had to choose between the two I would choose Rose and Crown.


LeCellier for burgers and soup as it is great or England with the fish and chips Both are very good.


LeCellier for sit-down or Rose & Crown’s fish n chips counter service.


That is EXACTLY what I was going to say.
Le Cellier for sit down lunch, the Chippy for counter service…though the prices just went up. It’s 7.99 for an order of fish and chips now…but they’re good so oh well.


It is hard to beat the American Adventure. There is plenty of “normal” eats available for kids and plenty of seating as well. Prices are good, too!


I think I heard somwhere (in a guidebook?) that every WDW restaurant can make a PB & J sandwick upon request. If that is true (can anyone confirm?) I would say go with what you really want to eat (that is if the kids will eat PB&J


The Liberty Inn is currently undergoing renovations. I recommend The biergarten. They have all kinds of foods,even mac and cheese,and the musicians perform often,so your kids could go on the dance floor and dance.


OK, the votes are in - Le Cellier is the winner!! Thanks everyone! :heart:


When you go to Le Cellier, don’t forget to look for Princess TEssa hanging around Canada!


I wanna go to Le Cellier!!!


Fish & Chips at R&C!!! Or the big platter at La Cantina!