Lunch with an Imagineer at the Brown Derby?


Has anyone done this? Did you enjoy it? I was thinking about doing this with mom over the summer to find out what it’s like to be an Imagineer. If anyone has opinions (pros and cons) on this one I’d appreciate hearing it.




Wishy did this on one of her trips! You should PM her and ask her about it!


It’s in my future file. Along with parasailing.


It’s seriously one of the BEST Disney experiences I’ve ever had in my life. Luckily I was with a small group & only one other person seemed interested in really conversating & asking questions so the imagineer I met with was able to talk with me a lot. It was just great; the food, the private room we were in, all the stories she told, all the time we had for questions, & hearing some exciting “perviews.” Once in a lifetime experince, I HIGHLY recommend it. Especially since I heard this particular experience may eventually become extinct.


Oh my golly… Wishy, I remember the trip report you posted that had this meal in it! I was just getting to know you then, and I thought “Wow, this gal is SO COOL!” LOL… I thought this was a great opportunity and one I’d like to try without the kids sometime… I think they’d want to do rides while we ate!


This is something I would love MissSMIG to do, but she ain’t be old enough yet…


Ive never heard of this but wow that would be amazing! How much does it cost?


It’s been about a year & 1/2 since we did it but I honestly think it was about $75. per person. That did NOT include gratuity for the lunch but you get some COOL things to take home, including a collectible glass “Imagineering” plate signed by your host[ess]. You also get this awesome engraved Mickey name badge with the “Lunch with an Imagineer” logo on it.


Thats acually alot less than I would have expected! Would be something worth looking into me thinks! Thanks!