Lunching Pad Hot Dogs Undergo Another Change


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Remember the new hot dog menu that debuted earlier this month in Tomorrowland? Well, the sign guys have been busy again, and the menu’s been updated already. read more here


PS. Can a mod fix the header to "Lunching Pad Hot Dogs Undergo Another Change " Thanks!! :flowers:


I still think they’re all gross! :blow: :laugh:


Wasn’t there already a picture of the new signs when you posted the original thread or did I see it somewhere else?
This picture looks familiar and I know I didn’t give the Lunching Pad more than a quick glance when we were there a couple weeks ago.

Edit: Oh I see! They’ve already dropped the Reuben Dog.
Doesn’t matter to me, until they switch in the kind of dogs I like, I won’t eat a WDW hot dog.


Two thumbs up!! I couldn’t agree more!!

Yes they removed “the heart attack on a bun” (aka the Reuben) :blow:


i like hot dogs but those hot dogs aren’t my style either :blow:


i knew i had seen it before!


I’m still not paying over $8 for a hot dog.


Yuck yuck yuck!!! I see a new sign coming soon that has no gourmet hot dogs on them, if you want to call them gourmet


Bumping up this request! PLEASE! :flowers:


PM one of the mods, they might not have checked in on this thread yet.


I thought it might be interesting to see the original sign and also note that there has been a price increase:


I PMd DT - thanks.


I have to say I think this is a huge bummer…I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to try the Reuben! I guess I have to settle for the cheese steak!